Dec. Product Spotlight: The ‘JJ Rigby’ Snow Goggles

Dec. Product Spotlight: The ‘JJ Rigby’ Snow Goggles

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Happy NYE!

We know all of you are either busy getting ready or already busy getting, um, responsibly inebriated. (We’ll go with that.) But if you’re resolute in starting your 2019 off shredding the gnar, you’ll need the absolute dopest gear to be at your best.

Enter: Our ‘JJ Rigby’ snow goggles.

Born of a special partnership with pro snowboarder, Jessika Jensen, these boast the incredible benefits of our 2018-19 snow goggle collection: unidirectional venting for awesome anti-fog functionality, Polartec microfleece for crazy comfort, and triple-layer hypoallergenic face foam to keep that gorgeous mug of yours at its finest. 

Now, can we promise you’re going to own the slopes like Jessika? Well, no. After all, the 26-year-old Idaho Falls native is a 2x Olympian (Sochi 2014; PyeongChang 2018) and a silver medalist at the 2016 Mammoth Mountain U.S. Grand Prix of Snowboarding. But seeing as the construction and design of these goggles earns Jessika’s stamp of approval, you can certainly aspire to greatness.

And hey, even if you still won’t be ready for that double-black-diamond, you’re going to look damn fine out there. And perhaps best of all, they’re 35% OFF for a limited time.

Check out this serious style upgrade:


JJ Rigby | Frameless


Ooohhh, these are cold. Our new ‘JJ Rigby’ goggles offer a distinct colorway among our 2018-19 collection, with a purple lens and complementing strap print that’s evocative of a glacier freeze. Seriously, with these on your face, everyone else on the slopes is about to be a casualty of your sick style. And because they’re frameless, you receive the benefits of heightened impact resistance and structural integrity alongside a supple thermoplastic polyurethane construction that’s flattering as hell to that moneymaker of yours.


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