U.S. Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Return and exchange policy


We know you’re #feelingood in your Blendz! Does something need a tweak? Don’t worry, you have a 45-day warranty for those minor fixes.

We get it, if you just can’t keep the goods, you also have those 45 days to get them back to us. Here’s the deal: Jump onto our returns page, , to generate a return label and shipping instructions. Then use those instructions to ship off your return to HQ :)



All exchanges are handled on the website! We listed the link with detailed instructions below. If you want some help picking something out, let us know at! However, if your mind is set, follow the directions at this link (We have also listed them below): 

-Just enter the email you used to place your order, and click, "Let's Get Started."

-From there, we'll shoot you an email to initiate the process.

-We'll ask you a few questions about why you are exchanging the item.

-Then we'll issue you a return label.

-Once you finish the steps on your end, you are immediately issued a store credit, feel free to shop with that!

-When we get your items back to the office, we'll go ahead and issue you the refund of the remainder of the credit!

How to start a return or exchange

Hey there! Need help figuring out how to start a return? Look no further! Here are some step by step instructions!

Before we begin, there are just a few things you will need:

  1. Order Number

  2. Email associated with order

  3. Access to that email ;)

If you believe you only entered a phone number at checkout or forgot which email you provided, no worries! Contact our customer support via email or phone.


Monday - Thursday between the hours of 9AM- 5PM (PST) and Friday 9AM -2PM(PST) (858)-999-8023

If you have those three things, then we are ready to party! (by party, I mean get this return started)

  1. Log onto

  2. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

  3. On the right hand side of the page, under the ‘Support’ column, click the ‘returns’ link second word from the top.

  4. After clicking on ‘returns’ you will be redirected to our returns page. While there put in the email that is associated with your order.  

  5. Once, clicking the ‘lets get started!’ button you will see this page. Just as it says, it’s time to check ‘yo’ email!

  6. Once you found the email, you will see the following with a prompt to get the start the return. Go ahead and click the link!  

  1. Select the items in which are going to be returned. Also select the reason for which they are being returned. This helps our support team a butt load to help with making our products the best they can be!

  2. Once the item and the reason has been selected, scroll over to the upper right hand corner and click ‘return’.

  3. Feel free to leave us comments! We appreciate all feedback! And then click ‘Confirm’        

  1. Once the return is confirmed, this page will appear. Download the return label by clicking the left hand side link, print out the slip and tape it on the box to send back! If you would like to shop with the instant refund, score! Use that code given in the gray box at check out!

  2. When we have the return back in our HQ, our support team will issue a refund for your item or what is left over from your instant refund!

Please Note:

All refunds for returns include only the price you paid for the products without the shipping charges. That difference is the shipping cost from us to you. We cover the shipping from you back to us though!

How long does it take to process my return?

We have 3 Mermaids looking over the packages that come back to sunny San Diego. Once they have received your package, your return will be processed within 2 business days. You will be notified via email by address listed on your order when this transaction has taken place.

After we have issued the refund, it will take up to 3 business days for the funds to be placed back on your credit card, Paypal or Amazon accounts.

The website says that they cannot find my order to start a return! How can I start a return/exchange?

We are so sorry you aren't happy with your purchase, but let's get this done! It is possible we were only given a phone number to send SMS updates to. No worries, go ahead and shoot us an email at to see if this is the case!

If it is, please wait 24 hours before initiating the return. Your email needs to sync with the returns system.

Listed below are the instructions to start a return or exchange after your email has synced! 

-Just enter the email you used to place your order, and click, "Start a Return."

-From there, we'll shoot you an email to initiate the process.

-We'll ask you a few questions about why you are returning the item.

-Then we'll issue you a return label.

-Once you finish the return on your end, you are immediately issued a store credit, feel free to shop with that!

-When we get your items back to the office, we'll go ahead and issue you the refund of the remainder of the credit! 

How do I track my order?

LOOK OUT! A shipment confirmation email with a tracking number will land in your inbox shortly after we ship your order. Don't panic, please allow the tracking link about 24-48 hours to show any updates.

You can track your order directly through our website HERE. Please make sure to have your order number + email handy to look up your order.

For additional courier tracking, you can also visit the DHL eCommerce + USPS Websites below. All ya need to do is, copy and paste the tracking # you received the shipping confirmation below:

DHL eCommerce Tracking


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

For domestic orders, we offer three shipping options: Standard, First Class and FedEx 2 day

After processing, it varies on the type of shipping selected at checkout. Please note these are estimated delivery times and we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order in the timeframe stated below.

Processing will always take 1-3 business days (Processing time may vary for Black Friday or Cyber Monday orders from 2019, please check the current processing time at the link provided at the bottom of the page).

Standard shipping is 3-5 business days once shipped.

First Class shipping is 3-4 business days once shipped.

2 Day Shipping is 2 business days once shipped (no deliveries Saturday or Sunday). 

PLEASE NOTE: 2 Day Shipping does NOT have the ability to ship to PO Boxes at this time. If you selected 2 Day Shipping at checkout and provided a PO Box as the shipping address, your order will not be processed. Please be patient and wait for our awesome customer support team to reach out to you for an acceptable shipping address!

Unfortunately, shipping companies will vary in how fast/slow they can deliver your package. After we hand your package over to the shipping provider, the time it takes for delivery is completely out of our control. If you ordered internationally please know that your package will need to go through an inspection at customs, which could lengthen delivery.

If you are wondering about Black Friday, or Cyber Monday orders from 2019, check it out here: 

Where does my order ship from?

Sunny San Diego, California baby!

Back order items

We can totally split the shipment! We'll upped the shipping to USPS First Class Mail on both and will have the partial shipment without the back ordered items out the door as soon as possible! :)

What shipping company do you use?

Standard Shipping uses DHL eCommerce as a courier.

Expedited Shipping uses USPS as the courier.

All US orders are shipped from San Diego, CA!

When will my order ship?

We ship orders Monday through Friday.  Processing of orders takes approximately 1-2 business days. Orders placed on weekends will usually ship out on Monday or Tuesday.

If you ordered FedEx 2 Day shipping, please allow for 1 business day of processing to get your package out the door. Once your package has been shipped it, it will arrive in 2 business days.

During sale events and promotions, please allow up to 4 full business days for us to get your order out. Rest assured our team will be working hard to get all orders out ASAP!

How much does US shipping cost?

Free shipping is based on your total after discounts, and before state taxes.

Standard shipping for orders under $40 is $3.99.

Standard shipping for orders over $40 is Free.

How to change my order

Unfortunately, we only have a small window to edit orders (about 15 minutes) until they are closed for shipping! If you would like to cancel your order, please let us know as soon as possible at Please include your order number and name! :)

Missed the window to cancel the order? No worries, go ahead and start a return for the order at the link below!

Delivery issues

Order shows as ‘Undeliverable’

This is the worst! We are so sorry about this inconvenience, please double check that the shipping address for the order was entered correctly.

The next step we would suggest, if this is the correct address, would be to check with your local post office as to exactly why this package could not be received! If they don't have answers, shoot us an email at so that we can go ahead and send another package out to you.

We generally would suggest trying another address, but if the original is 100% correct, we can go ahead and try that one out again!

My package had an attempted delivery to a business while closed

This is something couriers encounter on a daily basis. Typically, they will either leave a notice for you to pick it up at the post office, or they will mark it for redelivery the next business day.

If for some reason they don’t do any of the above, let us know at!

My order says it was delivered, but I didn't receive it

Isn't that the worst? You're super stoked to get home and get that package then NO SHADES. NO BUENO.

What is even worse? Once we hand over the package, we also hand over all control of it. Sucks to suck, right? FALSE. We have action items for you, then hit up confirming you completed the below. We'll hook it up.

Please note: More often times than not, this is human error and the package is found within the business day by following the action items.

  1. Confirm the shipping address entered at checkout is correct.
  2. Confirm the tracking on this page says delivered: 
  3. Contact USPS at the location associated with the last zip code on the tracking above: 
  4. Confirm with the location that they don't indeed have it

If you can check off all of the above, let us know at the Mermaids will bless you for your endurance.


Goggle warranty claim

What’s up Snow-getters!

Thanks for filling out the snow warranty claim! Now, that we have launched our 2018 and 2019 snow line, we are fully loaded and ready to get you back on the slopes.

As mentioned in the terms and conditions, please have the following done in order to proceed with the snow warranty claim.

-Shipping must be completed via a trackable service and the tracking number will be required in the claim form. Customers will be paying for their own return label.

-Original order number must be visible on the outside of the package to avoid any delays in processing time.

-All returned items should be placed inside its original microfiber pouch and packed tightly within a sturdy packing box.

-Once your item is received and approved at HQ, we will send you an invoice via email for the processing fee ($20).

-Customer will have three business days to review and to complete the invoice. If the invoice is not completed within this time, Blenders Eyewear reserves the right to ship back the package to customer sans repair.

Once we receive your item in HQ, we will process the claim!


If a claim has been filed for an item that is out of stock or discontinued, a list of substitute products will be presented to customer. Only items noted on list will be available for substitution. All substitutions are final. No exchanges will be accepted.

How do I enter in my APO/Military Address?

Confused on which lines go where when entering in a Military Address? Look no further! Here are a couple of simple steps to help you complete checkout in a timely fashion.

The Country must be "United States"
The City must be entered as either "APO" or "FPO"
The State must be selected as either "AA" "AE" or "AP"
You must enter your Zip code.
Always remember to enter your full name, grade, and PSC or unit number.

**Please remember that FedEx does not deliver to Military Addresses.

Order Status & Payment

How to edit an order

I forgot to add my email to my order, can I add it from the text updates?

Why was I charged more than once?

Your debit/credit card will only be charged once.

If you just placed your order and you received an error at first, the second charge you are seeing is an authorization. This is a common bank practice handling credit card transactions to ensure sufficient funds and account authenticity. This authorization will clear and is 'pending' (depending on your bank, usually within 48 – 72 hours.) If you need help speeding up the process, you can contact the issuing bank of your credit card.

Why was my order canceled?

A few possible reasons as to why your order was canceled/refunded:

  • You did not respond to an important email from Blenders regarding a time-sensitive email.

  • You may have placed a duplicate order and we automatically refunded it to make sure you were not charged twice.

  • The order was flagged as "Highly Fraudulent" and was refunded (in this case, please place an order again and provide us with the following information in the 'Notes' section during checkout):

  • E-mail Address
  • Billing Address

  • Last 4 Digits of Credit Card/Debit Card Used

Did my order go through? I didn't receive an order confirmation email.

Most of the time, if this happens, it is due to a typo or, only a phone number was used at checkout!

Please contact the mermaids in support with your name, shipping address, and the email you'd like on file. They have the powers to fix it. :)

My order status says 'Unfulfilled'. What does that mean?

What is this word, "Unfulfilled" ?!?!

This just means that we successfully received your order and we are currently processing it! Once your order is shipped, you'll receive a tracking number and your order status will change to "Fulfilled."

How long does it take to process my order?

Processing time varies between 1-3 days before the order is shipped.

Why? Well, a couple variables:

Day/Time ordered

  • Orders placed after 11 am PST Monday-Friday, and on weekends or holidays, will start processing the next business day

Type of Shipping

  • Free Domestic Shipping 3-5 Business Days after processing
  • Expedited Shipping 2-3 business days after processing

What should I do if I received the wrong item(s)?

What?! That's not what you ordered?! We will take care of you no sweat! Go ahead and send a photo of your order packing slip and your item to In the subject line, please put 'ATTN: Shipping'  Once we have this, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

My credit/debit cart isn't working

Card troubleshooting:

  • Double-check all card info

  • Confirm your billing address (especially your zip code!)

  • Still not working? Contact your bank and make sure they have the correct info.

Other options:

  • Use another card

  • Use PayPal or Amazon Pay Account

Can I pick up my shades that I ordered online in-store?

Unfortunately, no.

We moved shipping out of our office and into a fulfillment center. When we did that we traded the ability to pick up orders for faster processing times. You can always come purchase sunnies at HQ. However, if you have placed your order online, we cannot execute pick-ups here.

Sales, Discounts & Gift Cards

How do I use my discount code?

You get a discount! YOU get a discount! EVERYONE GETS A DISCOUNT!!!!

On your first order. (use Welcome15)

Enter your coupon code in the "Gift Card or Discount Code" section during the checkout process. Hit apply, then the discount amount will be reflected in the order total!

Can I use multiple promotions on my order?

Sorry partner! Only ONE code or promotion may be used per order. However, if you have a gift card, you can use a gift card and a code at the same time.

Will my discount code work on sale items?

In short, nope. Discount codes will not work on sale items.

If you have both sale and full priced items in your cart, you may still use your code, and only items that are not on sale will be discounted. Or, you can save most discount codes for later!

You got options! You do you!

The website says my code is invalid. What should I do?

What does 'Final Sale' mean?

The words 'final sale' can be intimidating, we know. Here is what you are getting yourself into when purchasing off the sale section.

1. Items are non-returnable, what you get is what you're stuck with.

2. If sale items come damaged, please reach out to the mermaids!  

Gift Options

Purchasing a pair of sunnies for your BFF, Significant other, or for yourself and want it wrapped as a gift? Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have any gift options available for our products.

However, all of the packaging slips associated with the orders do not list the price of the product. Only the product name and SKU.

Product & Sizing  

Which sunglasses are best for my face size?

Great question! You can find all the sizes here: 

I don’t like the polarization in my sunnies!

We are so sorry about this! Polarized lenses have an additional anti-reflective coating of film on them that help make your vision more comfortable by reducing reflected light such as glares you get from the sun. It blocks horizontal light waves. Looking at LCD screens, phones, computers, and car dash screens can all be corrupted while wearing polarized sunnies.

If you aren't a fan, no worries! It isn't for anyone. We'll help you with an exchange! 

-Just enter the email you used to place your order, and click, "Let's Get Started."

-From there, we'll shoot you an email to initiate the process.

-We'll ask you a few questions about why you are exchanging the item.

-Then we'll issue you a return label.

-Once you finish the steps on your end, you are immediately issued a store credit, feel free to shop with that!

-When we get your items back to the office, we'll go ahead and issue you the refund of the remainder of the credit!

Can I get some custom shades?!

Of course! Please keep in mind that the minimum for custom shades is 500 pairs. If interested, please email your ideas to!

My goggles keep fogging up. What's the deal?

What are the Tv ratings of your sunnies?

Tv ratings stand for Luminous Transmittance, and it is similar to VLT, Visible Light Transmission. Tv ratings measure the amount of light that hits the specific filters applied to the lens and then to the user’s eye. VLT measures the amount of visible light being allowed into the user’s eye.

Listed below are the Tv ratings for each of our lenses:

Filter Category: 3


Blue Mirror: 8.23%

Amber: 10.62%

Pink Mirror: 8.12%

Smoke: 8.53%

Purple Mirror: 13.25%

Green Mirror: 8.5%

Silver Mirror: 11.9%

Red Mirror: 10.86%


Mineral Flash Lenses

Kennedy Moon: 12.92%

Sky Forever: 14.19%

Seventh Heaven: 8.96%



SMOKE: 10.08%

SILVER: 10.35%



BLUE: 9.24%

PURPLE: 22.60%

RED: 22.65%

SMOKE: 9.93%



SMOKE: 13.73%

AMBER: 15.67%

ROSE GOLD: 10.15%


Jenna Cartel

ROSE GOLD: 3.76%


American Blend


How do I clean my sunnies?

Want to keep your precious cargo in pristine condition? Here are a few simple steps to follow to ensure they look brand spanking new each and everytime you wear them!


- Before cleaning your lenses, double check that no dirt, sand or other debris is present.- If dirt or sand is on your lenses, blow the particles off as best as you can before cleaning.- Gently rinse your Blendz with tap water that is not too hot, especially after taking a dip in the pool or in the sea.- Next take the microfiber wipe or cinch pouch included in your purchase or any soft cloth available to you and wipe your lens with low - medium pressure.- Repeat this step as needed to clean your lenses.
- If needed, a tiny amount of standard dish soap can be applied to the lenses to help clean tougher stains and blemishes, but please ensure that you have completely removed all soap residue before drying.


- Avoid storing your Blendz in extreme conditions.
- Avoid storing your Blendz in your vehicle for extended periods of time.
- Clean your Blendz before storing or putting them away.
- Always rinse your Blendz with tap water after taking a dip in the pool or in the sea.
- Periodically wipe away sweat, oil and other residue that may transfer onto the frame to keep the your sunnies fresh.
- Wash your cinch bag periodically to help keep it clean and debris free.


- Use any paper products or other abrasive materials on the lenses.
- Store or place your sunglasses in high heat situations.
- Use glass cleaners as they may damage the lens coating.
- Place your Blendz face down.
- Store your Blendz with sharp or blunt objects that may result in damage to the lens or frame.
- Expose your Blendz to extreme heat, strong detergents or other chemicals.
- Allow salt water and chlorine to sit on your lenses for too long without rinsing and cleaning them. Salt water and chlorine can eat away at the lens coating.

Can I get these in prescription?

Yes! We work with this company to do prescription sunnies! 

SportRx will hook it up!

Are your sunglasses UV protected?

A majority of our sunnies come with 400 UVA/UVB protection! That's 100% coverage from the harsh rays of the sun.

There are 2 collections with glass lenses that offer 300+ UVA/UVB protection. Those are only the Halo and Hexagram collections. :)


All sunnies come with a 45-day warranty for any manufacturing issues. If you have a damaged pair, shoot us a photo to with your order number, and "Attn: warranty" as the subject line.

Outside of the 45-day window? Still, shoot us a photo and we'll give you a discount!

We don't do repairs, but we can do replacements! Blenders Eyewear guarantees their products with a 45-day warranty policy.

This includes all manufacture defects from lens blemishes or peeling, loose or broken hinge problems, loose/bent nose pieces, breaking or defective arms, frame cracking, etc.

However, this does not include any damage from typical wear and tear… Scratched lenses, sun/heat damage, stepping or breaking them, popping out lenses…etc.

If you need to utilize the warranty, please do the below:

-Send an email to 

-Put, "Attn: Warranty," as the subject line

- Include your order number

-Attach a photo of what is going on!


Snow Goggles
Hey Brah, goggles have a flaw?! We just need you to start the warranty process on this page:

The terms and conditions note the address to ship those back to, and we'll totally help you get those goggles in tip-top shape!

Certified Fresh and Guaranteed for Life  

Blenders Eyewear encourages everyone to live their lives in forward motion // As a team of like-minded adventurers and go-getters, we know how important great products are to having great times! This is why our 2017 Snow Range is backed 100% with an industry-leading lifetime guarantee, so we’ll be with you every step of the way as you continue to chase your passions through the winter.

We got you covered if you are experiencing a defect in materials or craftsmanship including seam rips, shot lenses, or other manufacturing issues.

Here are examples of what isn’t covered: 
• Lifetime warranty does not mean a lifetime of a person but a lifetime of the product (3 seasons)
• Normal wear and tear
• Damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect
• Damage caused by anything other than defects in material or workmanship
• If you’re not the original owner of the product

Need to file a claim? Check out the Terms and Conditions 

To submit a claim in full, please check out this page:

Polarized vs. Non-polarized

Whoa, man. What's with this hype around polarized sunnies?  

Polarized lenses have an additional anti-reflective coating of film on them that help make your vision more comfortable by reducing reflected light such as glares you get from the sun. Someone way smarter than us could probably explain how, but Polarized lenses help eliminate reflections on the water, snow, pavement, car hoods, you name it.

Wait, dude. Does that mean my eyes are shot if I don't get polarized shades?

Nope! Majority of our shades come with UV400 protection. UV 400 is the highest level of protection your sunglasses lenses can have. They are able to block 99-100% of harmful rays from the sun to keep your eyes safe. Our Wire Frame collection comes with UV300+ protection.



My package is stuck at customs, when will it be delivered?

If your package is at your country’s customs department, we unfortunately cannot provide an estimated time for how long it will take them to process your package.

In all honestly, there are packages that make it through customs inspections within a few days while other times they take a few weeks. We wish there was more that we can do to help the situation, but it is completely out of our control.  However once it clears customs, then it usually only takes 2-3 days for your local post office to deliver it.

We appreciate your patience in this issue and apologize for the inconvenience. If it were up to us, we would have you already rocking Blendz!

The list of provinces/states doesn't show the providence/state where I live. Help!

When entering your address, please select your country from the drop down box first, then wait just a moment while the regions list automatically populates with the corresponding options for your country.

If it's your first time placing an order with us, it might also be helpful to create an account with your shipping and billing addresses before even attempting the checkout process.

What countries do you ship to?

Wanna rock San Diego shades all over the world!? Rock on! We ship to most countries, just in case, we listed specifics below!

Antigua And Barbuda
Australia (We can ship here, but if you live in AUS or NZ, you must order through the NZ distributor.)
Bosnia And Herzegovina
Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Cayman Islands
Cook Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Faroe Islands
French Guiana
Republic of Cameroon
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

Are international orders subject to additional fees?

Blenders does not charge additional fees for International Orders, however, orders will be subjected to pay International duties & taxes for their respective countries.

Customs policies vary widely from country to country; please contact your local customs office for specifics for your country.

Please note:

  • Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. You should contact your customs office for specific amounts and percentages.
  • We cannot control and are not responsible for any duties/taxes applied to your package. You will be responsible for paying additional charges for customs clearance.

International Return Policy

Outside of the US? Need to return an item? No problem!

In order for us to manually process the return, here's what we need you to do:

1. Please pack the sunglasses inside the provided microfiber pouch as well as the plastic packaging. You can use the original box they came in (if you don't have it, just make sure they are packed well in another box!) We need to keep them safe during shipping (damaged product that is returned due to improper packing is not applicable for a full refund since the product is unsellable).

2. Provide a note inside the box stating your contact information, order number and "I would like a refund" to make sure the agent knows to refund rather than exchange.

3. Mail the package to our HQ with the following address:

Blenders Eyewear Att: Returns

4683 Cass St.

San Diego, Ca 92109

4. Hang tight! It takes about 1-2 weeks total.... When we receive the package, we will process the return, check for any damage to the products then issue the refund on the original payment method. (The refund will include only the price you paid for the products without the shipping charges.)

If you have any questions or need to check in on the progress, please feel free to ask us at We are more than happy to help out and make this transaction as smooth as possible for you.

What courier does Blenders use for international shipping?

Rockin' San Diego sunnies worldwide? Yew! Here's the deal...

Right now we offer DHL Express which takes 4-8 days worldwide.

    • This option will about +$20 depending on your country. Please use the automated shipping calculator at checkout.

I put in the wrong address at checkout. What do I do?

Please CALL us at Customer Service (858/ 999 - 8023) ASAP if you have entered your address incorrectly during checkout. There is only a 15-minute window to change this.

Even if we are closed for the weekend, please leave a voicemail with your order number and correct address.

If your package has already left our facility, please see if USPS (for US-Customers) can intercept your package before returning the package back to our facility. You can read more about it here:  We apologize for the inconvenience, but there isn't a similar service for International Customers.

All orders that have been shipped to an incorrect address will be the customer's responsibility for paying for the shipping fees associated with the order. Once the package returns to our facility, we will contact the customer to resend the package.

Blenders Eyewear will not be responsible for packages and/or additional fees that are associated with shipment to an incorrect address.


Contact us!

(858) 999-8023

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