Women's Blue Light Glasses


The effect digital screens like computers and televisions have on our eyes is still being studied, but if you spend any time at all using them, you may find that you don't like the way your eyes or your head start to feel. Blue light blocking glasses for men and women have been all the rage lately as a stylish way to alleviate unpleasant feelings you may be developing with extended screen-time.

Range of Blue Light Blocking

When you are shopping for your new blue light blocking glasses for women or men, check to see the range of blue light they block. Quality glasses will block 90% or more of the blue light.

Lens Color

Lenses in blue light blockers range from yellow to red. The darker the lenses, the more blue light they block. For daytime use, you want lighter lenses, and for nighttime use, you want darker lenses. Determine the time of day that you will use your blue light blocking glasses in order to decide how light or dark your lenses need to be.

Frame Color

Blue light glasses come in a variety of different-colored frames, so you should be able to find a pair that suit your preferences. You can choose from classic brown or black frames or more colorful options like pink, orange, purple, yellow, and multicolored.

Head Size

Blue light blocking glasses can be useful to anyone who uses screens for any period of time, including children, so some brands make kid-sized versions of their glasses. Adult glasses tend to be one-size-fits-all and are made to fit an average-sized head.

Prescription Strength

If you're already wearing glasses, you may be able to get prescription-strength blue light glasses. There are some that come with magnification, but typically they will have the same prescription strength in each of the lenses.

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