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50% OFF SUN + 35% OFF SNOW!

It’s Time For More: A Letter From Our Founder, Chase

It’s Time For More: A Letter From Our Founder, Chase

Eight years ago, I was slanging shades from a backpack in-between surf lessons. Because of YOU—your patronage, loyalty, and effortless sense of style—this year alone Blenders has grown our team to more than 30 inspired talents, opened our first flagship store, and reached thousands upon thousands of amazing new customers. 

And we’re just warming up.

It’s time for more. There’s a new decade dawning and it’s gonna be damn good. Thanks to the support of the coolest community around (again, that’s all of you!), we’re able to continue our mission of putting our customers first. That means more products. Better materials. Cooler collabs. Bigger events. Greater partnerships. And the inspiration to try all the sh!t we’ve ever dreamed of—and some things we never even dared to.

Just like you, at Blendz, we endeavor to make the most of every minute. So if there’s one thing I’ll ask of you as we roar into the ‘20s, it’s this: Live your dreams before they drop out of reach. The time is always now. You’ll never get a second chance to live today in forward motion. Remember that, and everything else will fall into place.

Cheers to 2020, Blendz fam. There’s an epic ride ahead! //


Chase Fisher


Blenders Eyewear


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Winter Blend, December 2019
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