Jan. Spotlight: Psycho Cat, Ice Palace, and Our M Class x2 Preview

Jan. Spotlight: Psycho Cat, Ice Palace, and Our M Class x2 Preview

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Okay, look. We never gloat here at Blenders except for the rare times that we do. (Wait, wut?) But today, we’re really stoked about our upcoming ‘M Class x2 Collection’ and want to pat ourselves on the back a bit.

Ya see, we took the sophistication of the original ‘M Class Collection’—which represented the pinnacle of our design prowess upon its release—and managed to reinvent it with sturdier frames, second-generation spring hinges, and all-metal temple stripes. And the first members of this ‘M Class x2 Collection’‘Psycho Cat’ and ‘Ice Palace’—are available now ahead of the wider collection’s release.

Check these suckers out:


Psycho Cat



Going for that whole “aura of mystery with a touch of danger” vibe? The aesthetic ferocity of our new ‘Psycho Cat’ sunglasses will put you on the prowl and have others purring for your attention. The dynamic, nuanced blue/gray leopard print wraps the frames, roaring from bridge to temple tips. Ultramarine mirrored lenses entrance and dazzle. And perhaps best of all, this model incorporates the upgraded spring-loaded hinges, enhanced coating, and metal stripes of our ‘M Class x2 Collection.’


Ice Palace



Freeze ‘em in their tracks every time you rock our fresh and frosted ‘Ice Palace’ sunnies. Part of our ‘M Class x2 Collection,’ these are absolutely lux with their studier-than-ever spring-loaded hinges and coral live in forward motion metal temple stripes. Lavish style includes posh pink lenses and crystalline-like frames. You’re gonna have people asking, “How can something so iced out be so 🔥 ?”

If the above don't grab you—and we’re low-key judging you if they don’t—keep in mind that the rest of the revamped collection is dropping soon. We’re talking ‘x2’ versions of our classic ‘The Show,’ ‘Tipsy Goat,’ and ‘Deep Space Polarized’ sunnies, as well as all-new entrants sure to elevate your style. Stick with us for more!

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