Winter Blend, December 2019

Winter Blend, December 2019

Last “Blend” of the year! From the looks of things, it seems all of ya already have that 20 // 20 vision going on. You’re seeing things the right way and are resolved to make the most of every moment, tackling the slopes, the canyons, and everywhere in-between.

It’s been a hell of a year. Cheers to 2019 and on to the Roaring ‘20s!


1. @taylor_scott


Taylor representing well out there on the slopes with his new, mag-tech ready Blendz… perfect for simple lens swapping on the fly!

Goggles: Flora Fantasy


2. @alsoadventure | Keystone Resort, Colorado


This world traveler is always saying “yes” to new adventures. Living life in forward motion = huge thumbs up from us!

Goggles: Diva Drama


3. @coastclubmusic | San Diego, California


Have you seen our cold collab with Coast Club, the Southern Cal phenom DJ producer duo of Ace Future and Trevor Shawn? Well, now ya have. (Impressive, huh?)

Shades: Westside Lavender


4. @marzmedia


Marston Sawyers of The Buttery Bros looking very seasonal in our ‘Beachcat’ sunnies. Pro tip: Check out their Insta for sick coverage of some of the world’s best fitness events and most elite athletes.

Shades: Beachcat X2


5. @ztheot | Horseshoe Bend, Arizona


Zuzanna enjoying a little solo exploring and taking in the sights (and heights)!

Shades: Dapper Jack


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