Men's Readers

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Reading glasses have become a common aid for everyday life. Useful for seeing things up close, they help us read when letters appear blurry or indistinct. The culprit for making readers necessary is age. Over time, eye muscles lose some elasticity, making it harder to focus. Getting prescription glasses for men is easy with our selection. If you're having trouble seeing print clearly, our readers can give you the performance you need and the style you want, so you can feel confident while sporting some of the coolest frames around.

Features of Men's Readers

Men's eyeglasses are specifically made to go well with men's facial structure, having larger frames than women's styles. Our men's readers offer single-vision prescription lenses for reading small text on a screen or page. They also feature blue light blocking technology to protect your eyes from the blue light coming from digital screens, decreasing potential damage to your retina and effects on melatonin production.

Men's Readers Materials

Our men's readers lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. We have frames made of polycarbonate composite, which resists warping from extreme temperatures. We also offer metal frames. The titanium they're made of is corrosion-resistant, strong, durable, and lightweight.

Men's Readers Styles

Men's readers can pair well with men's unique individual shapes. For example, a man with a strong jawline and angular features will look best with eyeglasses that have a thinner frame and curves to soften his face. In other words, you'll want to choose the frame that has features that are the opposite of your face shape. If you're looking for a range of bright colors, polycarbonate frames are a great choice. On the other hand, our metal men's readers allow a hint of color for a modern look. Our selection has the best men's readers in terms of quality, affordability, and style. Browse through them to see for yourself, check out how they look, and read up on their individual features. You can try them with our 45-day free return period.

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