Women's Readers

When you have trouble reading your favorite books but aren't quite ready for prescription lenses, the best women's readers can help. Also known as reading glasses or reader eyeglasses, they come in different strengths that can help you see clearly. You may need a lower level if you can make out most words but still struggle a little. A higher level is suitable for those who have more issues focusing on words. Women's reader eyeglasses can even help you see and focus on images such as road signs and family photos.

Go Bold With a Bright Pop of Color

Some women worry about wearing reading glasses because they think that the eyeglasses will make them look older than they are. Thanks to the wide selection of reader eyeglasses that we offer, you can look your age and add a sophisticated touch to your daily look. Instead of sticking to traditional designs, go with a pair that adds a bright pop of color. You might love readers with plastic frames in a whimsical shade of bright blue. We also offer reading glasses for women in a soft and subtle shade of pink that might go with more of your favorite outfits. No matter what color you choose, you can add a fun touch to your look.

Strike a Pose in Traditional Glasses

Metal women's readers are often a better choice for women who want glasses that go with everything they already have. The metal frames often weigh less than plastic frames do and feature small pads that provide some added comfort. You may find that you can easily adjust the frames to keep them from slipping down your nose or moving around your ears. Most metal frames come in shades of black and gray, but you'll also find sleek metal frames, too. As we offer these eyeglasses in strengths that range from +0.5 to +2.0, you can find a pair that helps you see and read everything around you. Shop our wide selection of eyeglasses today to find the right women's readers for your needs.

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