The Most Anticipated Release of the Year
At Blenders, we aim to experiment with new styles and push beyond our comfort zone. This new line of shades puts that philosophy to the test. We first tailored a progressive, futuristic silhouette, then paired it with superflash flat reflective lenses. The result is head turning, to put it mildly. If you're the person thats always leading the charge with new styles, we don't even need to tell you that these shades are for you. If you're more of a classic wayfarer/aviator type, we invite you to take the plunge with us into a bold new realm of style! You just might discover a side you didn't know you had ;)
Feelin' SO Good
The first frame in the Westbrook Collection is the Mighty Zealous. A black, white and blue marbled frame paired with one of the brightest Sky Blue lenses we've ever seen and silver metal detailing throughout.
Black Is The New Black
The next frame in the collection is the Twenty Four Black. The elegant, 'murdered out' design features exposed black metal elements contrasting subtly against a matte black polycarbonate frame. It's the perfect low profile pair out of the bunch with just enough flair to keep you in front of the crowd.
Gold for the Honey
The third pair in our collection is the Champagne Ruby. Like it's blue counterpart, the Mighty Zealous, the Champagne Ruby features a black and white marble finish throughout. Unlike the Mighty Zealous, however, these feature gold details and a flaming hot red superflash lens that is truly jaw dropping.
Keep It Classy
Rounding out the series is the Seventy Niner. A frame that fits comfortably in the middle of the other styles in the collection. Right in the 'Goldilocks Zone' if you will. Not too loud. Not too timid. This model features a matte black frame and silver details that help it blend in while still vibing out.