Fall Blend, October 2018

Fall Blend, October 2018

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Summer may technically be over but no one told you guys. You’re all out there living your best beach lives still and we couldn’t be happier for ya (although this writer may be a bit jealous).

Below, we’ve picked a few of our favs of yours from Insta. Looks like October started with a bang—the rest of the month looks bright. 😎 


1. @surf06 | Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico


Mexico withdrawals for Bryan and Samantha (pictured, @sammmka) here. We can’t blame them—look at that water!

Shades: High Class Jes


2. @iamjamesanthony | Arcahaie, Ouest, Haiti


Our dude James with yet another 🔥 shot. We shouldn’t be surprised though—he’s a photographer and a director!

Shades: Autumn Fire


3. @bughopkins81

Genessa representing well for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Remember, because Blendz Loves Boobies we’ve teamed up with Keep A Breast to donate 10% of all sales of these pretty in pink models, including our new Blendo Box!

Shades: Jenna Cartel


4. @nachoandfriends | Camelback, Phoenix, Arizona


Apparently, Nacho here brought pizza to this pool party and we are absolutely crestfallen (yes, crestfallen) that we missed out. But damn, what a dapper doggo, right?

Shades: Black Martini


5. @cody_payne | Atlantic Beach, Florida


As Cody says, “Couples who Blend together, stay together.”

Shades: Midori Splash


6. @christopher17__ | Jupiter, Florida


Christopher and his crew are straight up killing the beach game.

Shades: Blue Phoenix


7. @clintontmartin | Leo Carrillo State Park, Malibu, CA


A man, his Blendz, and his pup. Simply doesn’t get any better than that. Great shot, Clinton!

Shades: Midnight Vixen Remix


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