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Cajun Bandit

Canyon polarized


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Copper Fox

Mixtape polarized


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Honey Breaker

Grove polarized


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Miss Wild 30% OFF

Presley polarized

30% OFF polarized

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Grand Brandy

Balboa polarized


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Slim Tiger

Coastal polarized


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Stir up some excitement with your brown tint glasses in an enticing array of dazzling frame styles and colors. The brown hue is polarized to give you a clear, glare-free view of the world on the brightest day, summer or winter. Do you love snow or water skiing? No problem! The polarized coating only allows vertical light rays to meet your eyes, totally eliminating the reflective horizontal rays that create blinding glare.

Some Features of the Mens Brown Tint Lens Sunglasses

The brown mens sunglasses may feature a champagne or an amber mirrored finish for real attention-grabbing detail. The lenses are 100% UV protected to prevent damage from too much time in the bright sunlight. One merit of these sunglasses is the way each set of lenses is paired with a perfectly tantalizing frame to keep people admiring you after the mirrored lenses draw them in. The frame might look striking with a black and brown tortoise frame in a matte finish. On other glasses, the matte black might fade suddenly or gradually to a light brown shade leading to blush ear tips. Special details are added to the temples, like the shiny pale pink that contrasts with the brown glossy tortoise tips.

Details of the Womens Brown Tint Lens Sunglasses

Most of the womens brown sunglasses in our multiple collections are listed as unisex. There are some that seem to beg ladies to add them to their wardrobe's accessories, though. How about a frame of glossy crystal peach dressed up by delicate, partially transparent ear rests leading to a tortoise pattern at the tips and adding more charm to the lenses? Our sunglasses that are described as being for men or women are almost universally worn and loved by people of both genders. These popular features are included in some of our sunglasses:

  • Spring-loaded hinges
  • Option of non-mirrored lenses
  • Floatability - No more sinking to the bottom of the pool or ocean
  • Anti-saltwater protective coating
Discover all the awesome features of our sunglasses, and choose the pair that will make you shine the brightest!

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