Cat-eye frames with retro, exaggerated upsweeps.

These retro cat eye sunglasses are as effortlessly cool as the King of Rock and Roll himself. Presley combines a timeless vintage style with modern lenses and patterns that add flair to the overall design. The exaggerated upsweep gives these womens cat eye sunglasses a bold and sassy feel. They would look stunning on anyone but would especially flatter heart-, oval-, or square-shaped faces. The frames are lightweight, which makes them great for extended wear during the day, whether you're at the beach, brunching with friends, or driving down the highway with the top down and a silk scarf blowing in the wind. Presley is the right amount of glam for any lifestyle.

Fashion Is a Frame of Mind

A cat-eye always makes a statement. Choosing the frame and colors that work best with your personal style is made easy with our designs. Are you a fan of the classics? A simple black frame will go with every outfit for every occasion. Want to add a little spice to this throwback style? Try a classic tortoiseshell frame, or look for one of our signature mirrored lens colors. An elevated take on a neutral, like our Champagne color, will pop like the bottles of its namesake. Of course, we have more modern, progressive colors and prints to choose from for anyone who wants to shatter glass ceilings and stand out in a crowd.

Practically Purrfect Eye Protection

Presley is more than just her good looks. They offer 100% UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful rays. These polarized cat eye sunglasses also block out glare to sharpen your vision on bright, sunny days. Presley offers protection and style to keep you feeling confident. It's obvious that practical eyewear has never looked so good. Browse through the collection and find your next favorite pair of sunglasses

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