Fashionable cat eye sunglasses, with their dramatically distinctive upsweep at the outer edges where the arms join the frame, are classically stylish and totally fun. They have been on-point for seductive style since their introduction in the 1930s.

Lifestyle Cat Eye Sunglasses Offer Timeless Yet Contemporary Style

Noteworthy people who have rocked the cat's-eye look and made the iconic style their own include comedian Barry Humphries, actor Marilyn Monroe, singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb, and Dr. Otto Wichterle, inventor of soft contact lenses. Today, we bring this classic trend to the streets, reimagined and reinvented as cat eye sunglasses that help you see the world as wonderfully as the world sees you! Make a dramatic style statement in sunglasses that are a cutting-edge interpretation of a timeless fashion look. Cat eye sunglasses look great on round, triangular, and square-shaped faces as the frame's shape provides balance. However, since they come in many varieties and styles, they can also be an option for other face shapes.

Distinctive Frames Possess Looks to Make You Purr or Roar

These cat eye sunglasses make a strong style statement, and their dramatic flair comes from their characteristic architectural style. Their distinctive shape possesses a provocative allure that can range from kittenish playfulness to the power of a lion. Come purr with the babes or roar with the big cats when you rock cat eye sunglasses.

Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses Provide Protection Against the Sun's Harmful Rays

Purr with the power of UV protection that shields your peepers from the sun's harmful radiation. Cat eye sunglasses that are polarized offer clarity, comfort, and safety and provide a stylish sense of panache. These sunglasses unite a timeless look that flatters all face types with polarized eye protection. While you look at the world clearly, the world sees you looking perfect and possessing feline grace and power.

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