2023 Men's Polarized Sunglasses Guide

2023 Men's Polarized Sunglasses Guide

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What Are The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Men?

Polarized sunglasses styles for men enhance eyesight in endless ways: They reduce glare, boost colors and make daytime driving easier.1 Blenders Eyewear has an eye-catching (pun intended) lineup of polarized sunglasses styles for men.

Benefits of Wearing Polarized Sunglasses

When light stems directly from a source, its waves travel vertically, horizontally and everywhere in between. A polarized lens filters the “raw” light, letting only vertical waves pass throughthat’s how polarized sunglasses stop glare. Reflected light waves (glare included) are often horizontal and have a harder time escaping the vertical filter of a polarized lens; the glare-reduction factor in polarized sunglasses boosts overall visual comfort.  

Need a new pair of polarized shades? Keep these functions and benefits in mind: 

  • Daytime driving safety

When sunlight hits curved windshield glass, it spreads out into bright, distracting glare. Polarized sunglasses can block it—especially on a clear or partly cloudy day. Reducing windshield glare makes views of the road like having no windshield at all. Driving is safer with complete focus on the road—no need to adjust the view or shield your eyes from bright streaks of light.

  • Fishing 

Polarized sunglasses are the ultimate in glare protection—especially on the water. With polarized lenses, your sunglasses show richer colors with transparent, glass-like water, while rocks and coral are easily visible below. Being able to see what’s swimming below the water’s surface reflections saves the day for location scouting and seeing what’s reeling in before it breaks the surface. 

  • Vibrant outdoor colors

Back to nature: Nothing beats looking up at a vast, open sky that seems bluer than blue. But tiny particles in humid or polluted air can dim the color, giving it a white, yellow or gray overcast. When a polarizing lens stops the reflections from those particles, the sky stays boldly blueespecially when contrasted with green leaves or white sand.

  • Photography

Picture perfect: In photography, a polarizing filter is a popular accessory placed over a camera lens; it cuts through reflections and makes natural colors more vibrant. Acting as a filter, polarized sunglasses lets you step back from the viewfinder and get a better idea of what a photo looks like IRL. 

Top Polarized Sunglass Styles for Men

Sunglasses are warm-weather game-changers, says GQ magazine. Every year, we go through the same rigmarole over which sunglasses to buy, and every year, we end up putting off the decisiononly to scoop a subpar pair in a last-minute panic. But it doesn’t have to be that way; Blenders Eyewear serves up men’s polarized sunglasses in a variety of styles and frame shapes. Here, some standout styles: 

Classic meets cool: Smoky polarized lenses add a sense of mystery to these ombre aviator frames, which fade from navy to pale blue. The stainless steel arms are clad in a nuanced light-blue metal hue, while the matte acetate ear rests swirl with grays, blues, blacks and browns. 

Boldly blended: Angles and curves combine for a distinctive design that’s all about making a statement. A solid matte black finish extends all the way around the frame; contrasting purple/blue lenses add a fierce finish.

 A striking mix of style and function, this shield is ready to surge onto any scene. The crystal purple frame is splattered with black paint and outlines a polarized, black-red lens for an arresting aesthetic. At the sides, the splatter style extends before breaking off into half inky black/half shadowy gray temples wrapped in a rubberized finish. 



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