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For every snow season, here at Blenders we’re dedicated to having you covered—literally. Snow goggles, helmets, and beanies are wonderful, and we’ve got a full assortment for ya. But we haven’t stopped there. We’ve introduced a full lineup of neck gaiters for you to choose from, ensuring you’ve got everything you need to be at your best.

High Performance Neck Gaiters

We don’t half-ass anything here at Blenders—you know that full well. And we certainly didn’t start when we went about designing our neck gaiters. These snow face masks are top-notch gear made to aid you in your dominance of the mountain. Our one-size-fits-most neck gaiters are made from a warm polyester mesh that protects you from the elements and keeps your mind on what matters.

More specifically, our face masks come complete with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties. This design ensures that you stay warm but also dry; you’re not gonna be dealing with unfortunate dampness as you make your way down each run. Plus, the anti-microbial properties fend off bacteria. It’s a powerful one-two punch.

Neck Gaiters With an X-Factor

A polyester mesh, moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties aren’t all, however. Blenders neck gaiters also boast Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. The UPF rating of 40+ serves to block exposure to the worst of the sun’s rays, mitigating their effects and keeping you looking and feeling your best as you carve your legacy on the slopes.

Designed to Put You At Your Best

Blenders neck gaiters help complete your gear. When paired with our goggles when you’re on the slopes and our sunnies when you’re off ‘em, they help you keep your bases covered in a big way. They’re part of an all-in-one snow solution that’s bound to have you at your best every time out—and that’s something to celebrate!

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