Northern Bliss | Aura

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  • Easy Swap Magnetic Lens
  • Anti Fog + Scratch Resistant
  • 100% UV Protection
  • VLT = 13%
  • 40mm Elastic Strap w/ Adjustable Buckle
  • Full Helmet Compatibility
  • Bonus Lens Included
  • Best for Bright and Medium Conditions
  • Lens Reflection May Vary Based on Lighting Conditions

    There’s no joy like shredding fresh snowfall — and 'Northern Bliss' was made to make those moments even greater. Designed in our 'Aura' style, its cylindrical lens expands your field of view and keeps the slope crystal-clear thanks to anti-fog tech. It even features our Rapid Magnetic Interchangeable Lens System for on-the-fly adaptation to lighting conditions. And the look? It's hard not to get lost in that incredible blue/green/violet rainbow lens.

    Bonus "Mellow-Yellow" spare lens included.  //

    Lifetime warranty guaranteed. Learn More.


    Easy Swap Magnetic Lenses

    Our Easy Swap Magnetic Lens System is a game-changer. An array of eight magnets makes swapping out spare lenses a cinch—just snap in place and go. And of course, all offer 100% UV protection.

    Triple-Layered Foam-backed Frame

    Every ‘Aura’ goggle sports triple-layer hypoallergenic foam and a flexible polyurethane frame. You’ll be wrapped in comfort, all while benefiting from some seriously sick durability.

    Full Helmet Compatibility

    We’ve designed all our goggles to be 100% helmet compatible. Whether you’re shredding with our next-level Blenders ‘Dome’ helmets or rocking one of your own, you’ll enjoy ultimate protection on the pow.

    In the Box

    We’re all about bonuses at Blenders. With every ‘Aura’ goggle, you’ll receive a complimentary, matching Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) case, renowned for its durability and toughness. Also included is a matching drawstring cinch pouch and a spare low-light lens to help you slay the slopes no matter the conditions.

    Aqua Champagne

    The ‘Northern Bliss’ rainbow lens shines on the slopes with anti-scratch/anti-fog tech and a blue-green-violet color gradient. Its VLT (visual light transmission) of 13% makes it a superb performer in both bright and medium light. Thanks to magnetic attachment points, this interchangeable lens can easily be swapped onto all Blenders ‘Aura’ snow goggles.

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