Benefits of Floating Sunglasses

Benefits of Floating Sunglasses

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Ever had that sinking feeling (literally)—the one where you’re watching your brand-new sunglasses slip off the side of a boat and into the depths below? More than half of Americans lose or break their shades every year; most end up on the ocean floor/the bottom of a lake or sail down the river.1

Thankfully, modern technology has stepped in so that sunken sunglasses can become a thing of the past. Floating sunglasses have often come to the rescue of anglers, sailing enthusiasts and anyone who plays water sports. 

What are Floating Sunglasses?

Floating frames are designed with hyper-lightweight materials in which the molecules are far enough apart for buoyancy. Each frame weighs 30 percent less than standard sunglasses—a plus for anyone who wears sunglasses for long periods of time.

Why are sunglasses so important, especially in and around water? UV rays are a danger hidden in plain sight, and everyone is at risk for sun damage to their eyes. UV rays bounce off of surfaces and increase exposure. Water can reflect up to 100 percent of UV rays (compared to just 3% reflected from grass or 25% reflected from asphalt).2 By blocking UV rays, sunglasses reduce the chance of conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. At the same time, they minimize eye strain from bright sunlight.3

Yet only half Americans wear sunglasses near a body of water. That number may seem surprisingly low, until you consider all the luxury-eyewear loyalists who are afraid to sink their sunnies. Floating sunglasses won't save their day if you lose yours while whitewater rafting, surfing or any other activity with crashing waves. But if you drop yours in a still lake or pond, they’ll bob back up to the surface. 

Choosing the right floating sunglasses for activities in the water can be challenging. Find a pair that fits your face, and in style you like; ultimately, of course, make sure they function in water sports.4 

Types of Floating Sunglass Frames

Regardless of your water activity, look for floating sunglasses with frames that can take a beating as well as protection from the sun’s damaging rays and the intense reflection off the water. No single pair of sunglasses works for every type of water activity, so opt for the most durable pair. Lightweight, flexible and impact resistant, thermoplastic material is a safe bet for frames. Polarized lenses also help reduce extra glare.5

Best Floating Sunglasses for Men and Women

New from Blenders Eyewear! Float₂O is a complete collection of unisex styles with floating frames: 

Blue crush: A Malibu Blue and matte black colorway creates bold contrast on this polarized style, featuring 100% UV protection.  

Malibu Blue polarized lenses electrify a sleek, matte-black frame that fades into the color of the Caribbean at the temple tips. Finished with an anti-salt coating. 

Champagne-hued square polarized lenses stand out against a sleek matte black frame finished with gray ear tips. The anti-salt coating adds plenty of protection. 

Equally chic from seaside to streetside: Champagne-colored round lenses make a sophisticated statement, enhanced by a matte-black frame with gray temples. 

Champagne mirrored & polarized lenses command attention on this sleek. sophisticated style, complemented by a matte black frame that subtly fades to gray at the temples. Features 100% UV protection and an anti-salt coating. 

Perennially chic black round lenses elevate any shades collection with a sophisticated edge. Polarization and an anti-salt water coating amp up the protective factor. 

An anti-salt coating and polarized lenses add functionality to a cool lifestyle look. The matte black frame fades to gray at the temples for a subtle sense of contrast. 

Black is the new black: A matte rubberized frame and polarized smoke lens make this style effortlessly cool. An anti-salt coating and 100% UV protection add functional appeal. 

Rhapsody in blue: vibrant azure-hued round lenses make a striking statement. The temple fades from black to blue, adding a chic contrasting accent.

Waterfall Waterfall

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