Our Picks // Snow Goggles for Larger Faces

Our Picks // Snow Goggles for Larger Faces

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Shredding the slopes should be a pastime that can be enjoyed by all, and that means there has to be gear available to folks of all shapes and sizes. While some boarders prefer smaller goggles to fit their heads, others with broader face dimensions tend to gravitate toward snow goggles for large faces. If you fall into this latter category of enthusiasts, what gear can you count on to deliver pro performance while still catering to your preference for larger goggles?

Well, yes, you guessed it: At Blenders Eyewear, we rock with anyone that desires larger-sized gear, and we’ve prepped a collection that absolutely delivers.


Nebula Snow Goggles For Large Faces // Lens Swapping

The Blenders ‘Nebula’ goggle collection is made to help you blast past performance barriers with a large fit that should accommodate those with broader face dimensions.

Aside from this larger fit, there are several features destined to draw boarders of all types to these goggles. The first and perhaps most impressive is the Blenders Rapid Magnetic Interchangeable Lens system for supremely easy lens swapping—just pop off your existing lens and swiftly attach your spare lens using the magnetic attachment points on the goggle’s frame. It’s that simple!

Of course, there’s much more to the Nebula snow goggles than the Rapid Magnetic Interchangeable Lens system. These snowboard goggles for large faces also feature anti-fog/anti-scratch/anti-smudge lens coatings for improved optical clarity as you wow on the pow. Plus, they are 100% helmet compatible, whether you’re rocking a Blenders helmet or want to adopt another brand. Regardless of what you settle on, you can trust that these impact-resistant goggles deliver protection in a huge way.

So what are ya waiting for? Toss a couple of Nebula goggles in your cart and get ready to carve the slopes!

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