Fall Blend, October 2019

Fall Blend, October 2019

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Oooh, baby. Depending on where you are, the weather’s starting to turn, leaves are changing, and it’s officially the start (or nearly so) of “Sweata Weatha.” (49-second mark below)

For a lot of you, you live for this ish. But even if you’re not crazy about big puffy sweaters, PSLs, or #SpookySZN, one thing we can all hopefully agree on is how dope the Fall Collections here at Blendz are. (That’s not even a humblebrag, it’s just a brag, we know.) But really, we’ve got some killer colorways available that look as 🔥 as ever, so consider this special edition of “Fall Blend” a lookbook showing off some of our seasonal bestsellers. 🍂 


1. Modern Architect | Cardiff Collection 


2. Primo Extremo | Empire Collection


3. Summer Azure | Monarch Collection


4. University Heights | North Park Collection 


5. Pretty Gangsta | Romeo Collection 


6. Dixieland Grand | Halo Wireframe Collection 


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