February Product Spotlight: Our New Wireframe Collections

February Product Spotlight: Our New Wireframe Collections

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We’ve got not one but two festival-ready sunglasses collections coming at ya tomorrow! Ahead of their launch, we wanted to offer you a preview of each model so you can be ready to go tomorrow.

First, a bit about the collections overall:

Our new, first-ever glass lens ‘Hexagram Wireframe Collection’ and ‘Halo Wireframe Collection’ are a sort of design crescendo for us here at Blenders—the latest pinnacle in our endeavor to make the finest, flyest shades available. These models have been designed with the festival circuit in mind, but that doesn’t mean they only look the part when paired with flower crowns and crochet crop tops. Nah, they’re a vibrant expression of great taste and good times that will look incredible on anyone, anywhere. And because they’re all crafted with stainless steel frames and screw hinges, you’re gonna get the most out of every pair.

Both our ‘Hexagram’ and ‘Halo’ collections benefit from that killer all-glass lens design and a set of seriously chic colorways. Where they diverge is in the unique geometry of their frames—the ‘Halo’ deliver a pleasantly rounded look for anyone digging a more traditional aesthetic, while the ‘Hexagram’ hit home with a bold, angular style. Choose your fav—or opt to rock both!

And now, feast your eyes on each model coming tomorrow:


Yankee Rose | Halo


Moon Virginia | Halo


Dixieland Grand | Halo

Red Starlet | Hexagram

Diamond Mint | Hexagram


Whiskey Shiner | Hexagram


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