L.A. Rams Safety, Taylor Rapp, Joins the Blenders Entourage

L.A. Rams Safety, Taylor Rapp, Joins the Blenders Entourage

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If you follow football, you know Taylor Rapp as the talented and promising young safety for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. A Super Bowl champion (he recorded seven tackles in 2022’s Super Bowl LVI against the Cincinnati Bengals), Taylor’s star is on the rise, and with that comes not only increased fame but a strengthened sense of self.

Son to a mother from Shanghai and a father from Oklahoma, Taylor’s background was wildly unique among residents of his old hometown of Bellingham, Washington. In his youth, he didn’t always feel welcomed or sure of his place, so football was a way of carving out an identity and proving himself to his peers.

Now at the pinnacle of the sport, Taylor recognizes more keenly than ever how football has become more than a mere game. For the new Blenders Entourage athlete, it’s become a means of conquering doubt and a vehicle for inspiring others, especially Asian-American youth who now have someone like them on the field to look up to and admire.

We recently caught up with Taylor to discuss how he got started on the gridiron, how his perfect day plays out, and what he sees on the horizon as he continues to Live Forward.

Taylor Rapp: The Blenders Entourage Interview

Blenders: How did you get into football? Tell us about your journey to today!

Taylor: Started playing football when I was around 7 years old. Played baseball and football growing up my entire life with baseball being my first love. Eventually gave up baseball and put my ALL into football. 

Blenders: What are three interesting facts about you?
1/2 Chinese, born in Atlanta, Georgia, and a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada. 

Blenders: Current favorite song / musician / band?
Common Kings - Take Her 

Blenders: If you could trade places with someone for one day, who would it be and why? 
No one. Love my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Blenders: What does your perfect day consist of?
My perfect day consists of doing these things in no order: get a workout in; sauna; cold plunge; coffee with my wife; spending time with my dogs; going to the beach and getting in the ocean and getting sun; grilling a steak for dinner; and having an early night getting in bed and asleep early. 

Blenders: What is the thing you've done that you're most proud of?
I’m most proud of being an inspiration to our youth, especially the Asian-American youth who were once in my shoes and didn’t have anyone that looked like them to look up to and relate to. 

Blenders: What excites you most about working with Blenders?
I’m most excited about the genuine and authentic partnership that we create together. I don’t have to be fake or not myself. Blenders is full of my kind of people — those who have positive energy every day. The relationships I will create within the Blenders family will help make me a better person.

Blenders: What does Life in Forward Motion mean to you? How do you Live Forward?
Life in Forward Motion means always looking ahead and never being complacent or stuck where you are. Always progressing and climbing the ladder to get better in everything that I’m doing. I Live Forward by never taking a day for granted and attacking every single day rather than just going through the motions. 

For more about Taylor, check out his Blenders Entourage athlete profile.

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