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Product Spotlight: Blenders Tipsy Goat Sunglasses

Product Spotlight: Blenders Tipsy Goat Sunglasses

Every once in a while, we’re going to take a time out to really focus on one of our favorite pieces from the Blenders sunglasses collection. A pair or line of shades that is either a wildly hot seller or something we feel needs even more attention due to its super high rating in the Badass Quotient, or BQ (which, obviously, is something we just made up a second ago.)

But on the real—our Product Spotlight feature just might make your online sunglasses shopping a bit easier. And this month? This month’s all about the Tipsy Goat.

Tipsy Goat Polarized


The Tipsy Goat line, not to be confused with a fainting goat (or certain Duke basketball players), are an insanely slick set of sunglasses that sport semi transparent citrus gray styling that’s accented by a splash of dazzling white. Complementing the translucent frame on our polarized pair are smoke lenses. Together, the color cues are perfectly neutral, allowing you to match these effortlessly with whatever you’re wearing. 

Notably, the Tipsy Goat offers the latest pinnacle of Blenders design—the M CLASS frame. The most advanced progression of style and durability to date that we offer, the M CLASS frame dons gold metal logos and spring-loaded hinges. The result? The “maximum comfortability” effect Blenders is so well known for. Regardless of the size of your face, the Tipsy Goat Polarized should work for you—and no matter what, you’re going to look better because you’re wearing them.

Tipsy Goat


The all-neutral tones of the Tipsy Goat Polarized are stellar, but sometimes you want that little splash of color. Enter our non-polarized Tipsy Goat sunglasses, featuring our stunning Navy Revo lenses.

These bad boys catch and play with the light on a summer’s day, offering an attractive violet-to-blue color spectrum. While you’ll save a few bucks over our polarized offering, you’ll still receive the well-fitted style of our tremendous M CLASS frames.

As with all our offerings, a microfiber pouch is included with both these stunners. Your Tipsy Goat order—this really does sound like you’re buying a drunk farm animal—will usually ship in about 1-2 business days. And best of all? FREE shipping on orders over $40 and FREE returns within 30 days of purchase.

Ya can’t go wrong with a Tipsy Goat.
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