September Spotlight: Avalon Breeze x Sahara Dust

September Spotlight: Avalon Breeze x Sahara Dust

Back to Articles Last month we introduced the all-new Roxie Collection to ya.

This month? We have the pleasure of shining a light on the fresh-for-fall entrants into our North Park Collection—the Avalon Breeze and Sahara Dust Blenders sunglasses!

1. Avalon Breeze

Did you know that Avalon was the mystical island where King Arthur’s kickass sword “Excalibur” was said to be forged? King Arthur slayed with that sword. Like, literally.

Get ready to slay with these on. Like, figuratively.

The Avalon Breeze sunglasses will have you killing it at the beach, in the park, and by the pool. With your girl friends, guy friends, and any “special” friends. You’ll look dope no matter what you’re up to and who you are up-to-ing it with. That’s because they’re a refreshing blast of style, evocative of the final weeks of the warmer months with their blue/green pastel shade, yet perfectly at place any season and with any outfit thanks to those timeless silver-mirrored lenses. They’re fresh and fun. Just like you.

2. Sahara Dust

Everyone talks of having a spirit animal these days. Something or someone a lil wild, untamed, and totally uncompromising in doing what they love and not giving af about what others think.

Well, if your spirit animal wore shades, these would probably be the ones.

Something about the design of these speaks to an animalistic nature that’s been fully unleashed without any reservation. You get the wicked combo of tortoise shell frames merged with stunning purples lenses that shift tantalizingly to an alluring pink at just the right angle. And they’re tough, too—our high-quality mix of North Park polycarbonate and metal make damn sure of it.


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