Summer Blend, August 2018

Summer Blend, August 2018

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From Hawaii to Haiti to countless points in-between, you all have been taking utmost advantage of the final weeks of summer. Here are a few shots of you living in forward motion!


1. @alohabraddah | Waikiki, Hawaii

Maika being zen af here in what has to rank as a “Top 10” of summer poses.

Shades: Natty Ice Lime


2. @matt_broomall_1 | Margate, New Jersey

The lenses of the 'Natty McNasty’ sunnies perfectly capture the hue of the ocean’s waves. Strong choice, Matt!

Shades: Natty McNasty


3. @grace_mclaughlin | Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, San Diego, CA

Blenders’ own Grace McLaughlin with a lil flower power and some seriously cutting-edge shades.

Shades: Wild Delilah 


4. @eijiphoto | La Jolla Tide Pools, CA

Eiji checks in this summer with an absolutely jaw-dropping self-portrait shot thanks to an assist from @enchantingpixels. A little post-production magic—there was a 2x6 board spanning the rocks that was later edited out. Very cool!

Shades: Tipsy Goat Polarized


5. @iamjamesanthony | Haiti, Hispaniola 

Jumping off boats into azure Haitian waters, all while rocking a sick, zero-curvature mirrored look? Just a day in the life for James.

Shades: Blue Phoenix


6. @j_k_youmans | Super Girl Surf Pro, Oceanside, CA 

Sun, surf, and a cold brew—Jordan hit upon a tough-to-beat combo while drinking in the fierce competition at last month’s Super Girl Surf Pro in nearby Oceanside. Peep our recap of the event!

Shade: Rolling Dice


7. @stephiepaige | Cancun, Mexico

Stephanie looking radiant in ‘Autumn Fire’ courtesy of @stephenplopper.

Shades: Autumn Fire

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