Summer Blend, July 2018

Summer Blend, July 2018

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The swelter of the summer hasn’t slowed you down… from Pensacola Beach to Panama, your scintillating style's been on the move! Here’s Summer Blend, July 2018:


1. @ healthwithhutch | San Diego, CA


Jeremy here takes a quick T.O. to remind us all that it’s important to say “yes” sometimes (heck, most of the time!)—“yes” to new friends, fresh ideas, and of course, spontaneous trips. He said “yes” to the latter, agreeing to help his buddy with a music festival shoot in Northern Cal at Enchanted Forest. Dope!

Shades: Rose Theater


2. @ ildahobert | Naples, FL


Here’s Ilda enjoying a casual weekend outfit. She may be a mom but she’s still squeezing travel into her plans. Ilda’s been jet setting to Albania, Italy, and Panama, and even runs her own blog to share lifestyle tips, travel knowledge, and fashion advice. Check it out!

Shades: Broadway Nika


3. @krystinnolin | Colorado


Krystin from Colorado makes a habit of chasing adventure and dreams… and what better way to do that than in our ‘Secret Paradise’ sunnies? Those yellow lenses pop!

Shades: Secret Paradise


4. @madelinewhillock | Washington


Madeline and Nate here are apt to rock a killer aesthetic at backyard parties and summer gatherings whenever possible—and we have the visual proof. 

Shades: Left, Jenna Cartel; right, Fifty Eight OG



5. @ myvalarezolife | Pensacola Beach, FL


Melissa’s caption was perfect so we’ll simply roll with that: “Sunny with a chance of looking cool.” 🌞 😎 

Shades: Royal Flush


6. @ mrlo3z | New Orleans, LA


FIU grad, Carlos, looking fresh to death in The Big Easy.

Shades: Natty McNasty


7. @sades_mh 


Summer heat with matching ‘Autumn Fire’ sunnies! 🔥 

Shades: Autumn Fire

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