May 12, 2017

The festival food porn continues!

You may have already salivated over our “The Amazeballs Coachella Food You’ve Missed This Year (Part 1)” article from last week. Good. But you guessed it—there’s way more. We couldn’t fit all our drool-worthy favs into one piece, so we’re back for Round 2.

Enjoy these food shots now… hate us for making you so damn hungry later.

1. Fried Chicken Sandwich

Instagram: fritzicoop

“Ba-caw!” (That was our best chicken sound.) Downtown LA’s Fritzi Coop brings the goods right off the bat with these fantastic fowl creations—golden, crispy, deep-fried chicken sandwiches on a brioche bun with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and sauce. Dang, we’re starting off strong.

2. Mac N’ Cheese Burger

Instagram: nardcore

Time for some beef. Up next is this medium rare burger on deep fried mac n’cheese buns! This one’s even double-stacked for maximum effect. Holy sh**. (There’s also american cheese and sauce, too, just in case the cheese from the mac wasn’t quite enough.)

3. Bacon Ranch Fries and Crab Garlic Fries

Instagram: gourmet.faire

No, you’re not seeing double through your sunglasses—this one’s a two-fer! (Wait, do you really wear your shades inside? Who are you, Jack Nicholson?) Sides are a critical component, and this fry duo complements the fried chicken sandwich and mac n’cheese burger oh-so-well. In the left hand, you’ve got the bacon ranch fries with fried jalapenos, while in the other hand, you’ve got fries slathered in garlic sauce and generously topped with shredded crab. Decadent af!

4. Mexican Tater Tots

Instagram: dogtowndog

If you’ve ever eaten before in your life (safe assumption on our part), you’ll know that no meal is complete without tots. Enter: the Mexican Tater Tots. These bad boys are wonderfully topped with cilantro, corn, chile cream, and cotija cheese. Yum.


5. Unicorn Shake


Instagram: sf_mini

On to desert! The Unicorn Shake is a strawberry milkshake served up with fruity pebbles, Lucky Charms marshmallows, and whipped cream. Hot diggity.


BONUS — Belgian Waffle Stick


Instagram: sf_mini

Because one desert is far too healthy, here we present the Belgian Waffle Stick, a treat comprised of a white chocolate-dipped Belgian Waffle covered in crushed animal cookies, almonds, and sprinkles.