Top 10 Sunglasses Styles for Small Faces

Top 10 Sunglasses Styles for Small Faces

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A good pair of sunglasses does far more than block the glareit provides the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. It helps you bring that steez level up a notch. Moreover, the right pair of sunglasses can work with many different looks, says All About Vision, an online resource for visual health and wellness based in Irvine, TX. And unlike anything else that you wear, sunglasses can transform your face

When shopping for sunglasses, it helps to start by identifying your face shape. Some sunglasses vendors list which styles work best for certain face shapes, but it helps to develop a critical eye of your own, All About Vision advises. If you find it hard to pinpoint your face shape, you are not alone. Faces are often a combination of shapes and morph a bit as you age, gain or lose weight or change hairstyles. Also, bear in mind that sunglasses don’t have to work alone: You can also complement your face shape dramatically with different hats and hairstyles, opening up all kinds of options for the perfect sunglasses. 

While function stands out as the main reason for wearing sunglasses, they double as a fashion statement. “Sure, the most important reason to wear sunglasses is to guard against eye diseases like macular degeneration, and to protect the skin around your eyes from wrinkle-causing UV-damage,” says Women’s Health magazine. At the same time, however, “It doesn't hurt to care that they're cute and can help you express your personal style, either. You'll want to figure out your face shape before you buy a new pair of frames because doing so will lessen your chances of winding up with buyer's remorse—especially when shopping online.” 

What Kinds of Sunglasses Suit Small Faces?

Small facial features mean avoiding large frames and excessively wide styles which can overwhelm your face. “If you are more on the petite side or have a petite face, finding sunglasses that are cute and don’t overwhelm your small face can be a struggle,” says Living Life Petite, a San Diego, CA-based fashion and style blog for women 5’3” and under. 

Small Face Sunglasses Size

Living Life Petite recommends sunglasses styles with lens widths measuring between 50mm and 54mm. Avenly Lane, a fashion/lifestyle blog in Las Vegas, agrees, in that lends widths exceeding approximately 55mm can engulf delicate features. “If you look at the information section on sunglasses listings online, you’ll see the width size, bridge width and temple length. Review these if you’re unsure how a pair of sunglasses will fit. For the most part, the main factor that will determine how large they appear on your face is the width size.” In addition, Avenly Lane suggests reading product reviews, in terms of indicating how sunglasses will actually fit. 

Coincidentally, tiny sunglasses (which complement small/narrow face shapes) are trending at the moment. "One thing you can guarantee with fashion is that when things have reached an extreme aesthetically, they'll swing the opposite direction," as Dr. Vanessa Brown, professor at the School of Art and Design at Nottingham-Trent University and author of Cool Shades: The History and Meaning of Sunglasses, told Cosmopolitan magazine. 

As soon as glasses grew so big and bug-eyed that they were covering your whole face, small shades started popping up on celebrity faces and infiltrating Instagram feeds. 

Best Sunglasses For Narrow Faces

The following styles are most complementary to small faces. 

Blueberry Shine 

Kona Kai 

Pepper Sweet 

Polished Gal 

Yankee Rose 

Dixieland Grand 

Nova Star 

Moon Virginia

Sassy Spitfire

Miss Wild

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