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Gemstone Gal

Grove polarized


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Sundance Hit

Mixtape polarized


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Majestic Summer

SciFi polarized


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Honey Breaker

Grove polarized


Also in 7 more colors!

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Empire polarized

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Vixen polarized

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For a fiery, retro, throwback look, consider a pair of sunglasses with orange frames, available for both men and women. Orange sunglasses are not only useful as a fashion statement, but they can also help add a bold accessory to a look or help to pull the ensemble you are already wearing together.

Orange Frame Glasses and Styles

When you think of sunglasses in an orange frame, you may immediately envision an eyesore or a funky retro pair of gag sunglasses. However, today's orange glasses are modern, chic, and extremely versatile for nearly every style and look. From traditional Vixen and Grove styles to Empire, Mixtape, and SciFi lens styles, the options are virtually endless when finding a style of glasses with orange frames that works for you.

Choosing the Right Orange Frame Glasses

You do not have to be a fashionista or hyper-aware of the latest styles to enjoy the look of sunglasses in an orange frame. If you are looking for a cat-eye style, opt for the Vixen-style orange glasses with a beige, brown, or patterned frame to suit your fashion style and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. For heart-shaped and square faces, glasses with the Empire and SciFi lens styles may work best.

Sunglasses in Orange Are for Everyone

Whether you are searching for classic orange frame glass styles such as Grove and Vixen or something extraordinary to set you apart, there are plenty of options to choose from with the orange glasses available. To achieve a truly modern yet retro vibe, consider a pair of Empire or SciFi sunglasses to help your look stand out from the rest. Selecting the right pair of glasses with an orange frame can help to embolden and solidify your look, whether your style is classic throwback or sassy and modern. From bold and complex patterns to distinct and memorable lens shapes, our collection of orange frame shades can help you create just about any look you desire.

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