Too glam to give a damn

Those seeking sunglasses should look no further than the Maika brand. Form and function are some of the more important aspects of these polarized cat eye sunglasses, especially when it comes to Maika itself. In their minds, they think they're too glam to give a damn, and it especially shows with these festival style sunglasses. Whether it's all about adding a bit of extra style or just to see the day in a new tint, the Maika Collection of sunglasses is perfect for changing the overall vibe of the summer daylight.

Frame Options

Putting an emphasis on style has never been so crucial when it comes to fashionable cat eye sunglasses. Unlike most options out there, which are usually circular or lack subtlety, everything about the frame design of the Maika Collection feels right as far as appearances are concerned. They have the right amount of positive energy, they radiate a great level of personality, and they're the right size for any woman's face.


Why darken your eyesight when the lenses in the Maika Collection can give you a new way to see your world? They complement the frame colors while also remaining subtle as far as coloring is concerned. The lenses are also perfect for adding the rose-tinted nostalgia that photo-sharing filters love so much.


What better way to greatly influence the summer feel than the color options provided by the Maika Collection? All options are appropriate for any summertime activity. For spicy aesthetics, choose gloss crystal red sunglasses that feature a sharp personality. Select a pair of polarized eye sunglasses that have a frame color that makes use of a crystal yellow frame that pops wonderfully. Choose a pair with a crystal pink frame that goes wonderfully with the purple-pink lenses as part of a style that feels reminiscent of bubblegum playfulness.

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