Single Lens Sunglasses

If you're looking for athletic sunglasses for your active lifestyle, then single glass sunglasses are perfect for you. Every pair of one lens sunglasses has a unique, modern look to them without compromising anything in the way of functionality. Wear them on the beach, on the ski-lift, or even just on a stroll downtown. No matter where you choose to slide a pair of our sunnies on, you'll be sure to turn heads.

Perfect Polarization

We have several pairs of one-lens sunglasses that bear our carefully crafted polarized lenses. Polarization prevents light glare from directly affecting your gaze, allowing you unhindered views of the world around you. The color of the lens you choose can also affect how you perceive the world around you, with darker shades offering calmer hues and brighter ones tinting the world around you in an energizing way.

Styles Abound

We offer different style options of sunglasses for sports so that you can find your perfect pair. With trendy, glossy lenses in a wide range of colors, there's no reason you couldn't grab a couple of different pairs to match with different outfits or activities. Our frames offer a playful selection of color and style options as well, from blood red frames, wrapped around a single lens with shifting colors from orange to deep purple, to a simple pair of crystal clear frames wrapped almost invisibly around cool, champagne-colored lenses. With color options ranging from bold, bright, and beautiful to deep, dark, and brooding, there are a pair of single-lens sunglasses just waiting to be added to your cart. Grab a pair of oversize, sci-fi-style sunnies, or finish off your outfit with a pair of crisp wraparound sunglasses. If you're not thrilled with anything you choose, make use of our free return system and pick out a different pair.

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