Eclipse X2

Unisex full shield frames & polarized lenses 

If you're searching for a pair of affordable, stylish sunglasses for your active lifestyle, look no further. Our fullshield frame wraparound sunglasses offer a way to protect yourself from the sun, sand, or snow in style. The sunglasses in this collection can be worn in any weather and with any outfit, and the pair you choose will provide you with a rockin' sense of confidence.

Protection Without Sacrifice

These polarized single lens wraparound sunglasses protect your eyes by blocking harmful rays from the sun as well as eliminate glare, resulting in a clear, unbridled view. Our lenses offer 100% UV protection and the perfect fit from adjustable nose pads and temples, so you never have to fear the rays that light up your world.

A Rainbow of Color

Our unisex sunglasses offer a panoramic view of the world around you, but what about how people see you? Feel cool, confident, and charismatic in a pair of the best wraparound sunglasses in the color of your choice. Make a statement wherever you go no matter what you wear. Whether your style calls for a classic black, a boundless blue, a technicolor rainbow, or a vibrant rose, there's an option for you.

Sunglasses Built Different

Every pair of sunglasses we offer comes with a 45-day free return window, allowing you the freedom to try, try again until you are fully satisfied. You'll love the durability of full-coverage rubber on these sunglasses that offers a superior grip, a feature you're bound to enjoy the next time you're out for a jog, bike, swim, or hitting the slopes. Our shades offer the protection that you crave while being lightweight and durable enough to keep you living forward. With a price point that won't hurt the wallet, you'll have the freedom to live life your way in a pair of stylish eyewear.

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