Blenders Eyewear Presents: GCLA 2017

This October, Groove Cruise Los Angeles is setting sail for a 72 hour, non-stop experience, comprised of private clifftop estate & pool parties, themed extravangazas and onboard events that rival the best dance music festivals in the world. The Groove Cruise is truly a wet-and-wild thrill ride unlike anything else on this planet. So, we thought to ourselves—doesn’t the 2017 iteration deserve absolutely out-of-this-world sunglasses? Yes! Yes they do! And below are our two customs for LA's cruise.

Groove Cruise Dolphin


What do we put on the Groove Cruise’s official sunglasses that can possibly embody all this awesomeness? A Star Dolphin. A friggin’ Star Dolphin.
 No joke!

While the Groove Cruise insignia is tastefully mapped to the top corner of the polarized smoke lenses, these bad boys have frames that reflect the trippy aesthetic of the included microfiber pouch’s “Star Dolphin.” It’s a kaleidoscope of color, a vivid display that carries all the electric vivacity the cruise itself has to offer. In summary: Definitely worth a purchase.

Groove Cruise Galaxy


The oceanic blue-mirrored lenses command immediate attention, of course, but it’s the nuance of these frames that’ll keep anyone that sees them coming back for more. This glimpse into the boundless universe reflects the limitless fun and fury that can be had aboard this cruise. They sit as a constant reminder that, yeah, the possibilities are pretty endless when you’re partying on the World’s Largest Floating Dance Music Festival.

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