Cruising For Over A Decade!
Over 25,000 lives have been changed forever by an oceanic experience unlike anything on earth. From their humble beginnings in 2004 with a group of 125 friends, Groove Cruise has grown into the world’s largest floating dance music festival.

This Fall, the Groove Cruise will charter new waters for dance music, sailing from our hometown of San Diego with an overnight stop in Cabo San Lucas. Groove Cruise Cabo will be the world’s longest electronic floating festival, with music pumping for 120 hours straight as it carries passengers aboard the new and improved, amenity filled Norwegian Sun Cruise Liner.
The Groove Cruise x Blenders Eyewear
To celebrate the collaboration, we've created two unique frame designs reflecting all of the aspects a passenger can expect to experience on the Cruise. This is the first.

We wanted to create a frame that really reflected the fun and energetic vibe we get from attending any of the Groove Cruise's. From it's outdoor pool parties to the clubs located within the interior hulls of the ship, a passenger is surrounded by great energy from start to finish.

We also thought about South America's distinct pattern and bold vibrant colors and how we could emulate this look to fit The Groove Cruise vibe. Luckily, the GC team already hinted at using geometrical patterns for Cabo's branding so the elements fit into place perfectly. The dark navy blue background allows for the other colors in the pattern to really come to the forefront, while our signature Sky Blue Revo Lenses brings the party to life.
Over the past few years, we've brought our signature fade's onto the boat with us. For Cabo, we're introducing a unique color combination of teal to clear and black accents.

This was inspired by the different hues of water around the cruise. From the dark navy blue of the ocean, the light blue of the glistening waves within the pool and the sandy teals found as the waves sink back into the ocean after touching the beach, passengers are constantly surrounded by hues of blue as they embark on their journey across the seas.

The combination of blue to clear makes for one of our favorite fades to date and depending on the background you rest the sunglasses on, the blue itself looks to be darker or lighter, mimicking the water it is inspired by almost perfectly.
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