by Blake Jensen December 02, 2013

Blendz got started back in 2012. In the last year and a half of building the brand, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with some AWESOME people. Collectively, we think of them as 'The Blenders Entourage'. They range from surfers to models to dj's to skydivers, photographers, kite surfers, adventure junkies, and many more.

Now our goal is to start telling these people's stories, introducing them to you, and really highlighting and showing off their exploits. Entourage members all share a few things in common. They take on life in unconventional ways. They blaze their own trails. They represent all that Blenders stands for and they get #FeelinGood better than anybody.

May as well kick things off with a bang. Meet Ian Alldredge. Born : 06/19/88 From : Santa Barbara, California.

Ian Alldredge is at the forefront of riding waves with a kite and surfboard. He's fast, powerful, technical, innovative and does it all with amazing style. But there's a lot more to Ian than what he does in the water. He was raised quite differently than the 'normal' person and his story is not only compelling, but inspiring on many levels. A true testament to who he is and what he's about. Ian really has created the life he wants.

If kitesurfing were a poker game, Ian would be at the final table, holding an ace-high royal flush. Born and bred in Santa Barbara, California, Ian has become recognized as one of the most talented kite surfers of his generation. Known for his explosive approach to waves, Ian has been labeled the 'Dane Reynolds' of kite surfing. He is one of the founders & masters of 'strapless kiting' and is consistently recognized as one of the world's best. He has driven the revolution in kite surfing, crafting the sport into what it is today. His talent has him boarding planes and hopscotching to the most remote locations around the world. He has scored more magazine covers and been exposed more in the media then any other kiter. His humble attitude and friendly demeanor make him one of the most respected athletes in the water. Look for Ian to rock Blenders as he elevates his talent and continues to cement his legacy as one of the worlds best Kiters.

Ian is all over Blenders social media, with some stunning action shots and inspiring world travel stories. To learn more about Ian and stay up on his adventures, follow his athlete page on Facebook and follow him on Instagram @IanAlldredge.

Blake Jensen
Blake Jensen


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