Pro Freestyle Skier, Kirsty Muir, Joins the Blenders Entourage

Pro Freestyle Skier, Kirsty Muir, Joins the Blenders Entourage

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For Kirsty Muir, no moment’s too big. After all, the Scotland-born professional freestyle skier repped Great Britain as its flag bearer during the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics, placed second in slopestyle at just her fourth senior event (Aspen’s 2020–21 FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup), and was the youngest 2022 Winter Olympics finalist at just 17 years of age.

Really, Kirsty Lives Forward so much that the question isn’t whether the moment’s ever too big, it’s only, “Is it big enough?” That’s the kind of winning attitude we can never get enough of, so we recently caught up with her to discuss her origin in the sport, her fave accomplishments to date, and the simple pleasures of a perfect day.

Kirsty Muir: The Blenders Entourage Interview 

Blenders: How did you get into skiing? Tell us about your journey to today!

Kirsty: I learned to ski so I could ski with my family on the Scottish mountains. Joining Saturday Kids Club at my local dry slope, I really enjoyed the jumps, which led me to start freestyle skiing. I started competing at local competitions on the dry slopes, and my first visit to a snow park abroad was when I was 11 for the British Championships, where I landed my first 720s.

Following the competitive pathway, at 13 I won the Big Air, Halfpipe, and Slopestyle Overall at the British Championships in Laax, Switzerland. I am the only European to have been awarded the “Spirit of Sarah Burke Scholarship” by Momentum Camps, Whistler, Canada, which was an amazing experience and my first visit to Canada. At 14, I won my first Europa Cup in Livigno, Italy. At 15, I started World Cups and won Youth Olympic Silver in Big Air in 2020.

And at age 16, I came in 2nd at the 2021 Aspen World Cup.

My long-held dreams were to compete at X Games and go to the Olympics, both of which I did this year. I finished 5th at X Games Aspen in Slopestyle, and was proud to make the finals in both Big Air and Slopestyle at the Olympics, finishing 5th & 8th, respectively. I’ve now finished school and am training and competing in World Cups this year.

Blenders: What are three interesting facts about you?
Kirsty: I’ve recently started to crochet, I have three dogs, and my favourite number is 12.

Blenders: Current favorite song / musician / band?
Kirsty: Arctic Monkeys. 

Blenders: What does your perfect day consist of?
Kirsty: My perfect day would include shredding in the park with my mates on a lovely bluebird day, followed by some homemade pizza.

Blenders: What is the thing you've done that you're most proud of?
Kirsty: The thing I’m most proud of is landing my Double 1260 and Switch Misty 900 the best I have ever landed them, which was in the Big Air Finals at the Olympics. It helped me finish 5th!

Blenders: What does Life in Forward Motion mean to you? How do you Live Forward?
Kirsty: Always looking forward to the future but living in the present and making the most of everything I do.

For more about Kirsty, check out her Blenders Entourage athlete profile.

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