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by Billy Kirk June 30, 2017

You’ve seen our recent picks of a few of the top Instagram photographers, but today we wanted to shake up the formula by shining a spotlight on some badass women who are out there doing incredible things.

From skimboarders to world travel bloggers, we’ve got five of our favs lined up for ya. Cool note: All of these ladies have repped the Blenders brand.


1. Amber Torrealba | @ambertorrealba

First off, meet professional skimboarder and video artist Amber Torrealba. For those not in the know, skimboarding is similar to surfboarding, although it begins on the beach and athletes “skim” out to breaking waves. It shares a heritage with skateboarding, too, meaning it’s not uncommon to see Amber pull off some sick tricks.

Here's a video of Amber in action:


2. Lauren Parks | @gratefullylauren

From ocean dives to canyon climbing, Lauren gets into a little of everything. Working off the proverb, “I'd rather experience something once than hear about it a thousand times,” Lauren is an athlete devoted to adventure seeking.


3. Heidi Eddy | @hipsterheidi

With a flair for fashion and a fun-loving appreciation of dance and, well, really just life in general, Heidi’s the kind of cool we all aspire to be on our best days.

Watch her wicked footwork here: 

4. Erin Cahill | @erin.cahill

You get back what you put into life—send out good vibes and you’ll see good things happen. That’s what avid photographer Erin Cahill believes. When she’s not rocking Blenders, she’s doing everything from coastal bike riding to music festival appearances to checking out oceanside villas in Bali. We need your life, Erin.


5. Kiersten Rich | @theblondeabroad

Kiersten happens to be one of Forbes’ Top Travel Influencers as The Blonde Abroad. (You know, no biggie!) Now a famous Instagrammer and blogger, she’s currently exploring and documenting her time in Malta—but who knows where she’ll be next!

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk