5 Badass Babes You Need to Follow on Instagram, Vol. 4

5 Badass Babes You Need to Follow on Instagram, Vol. 4

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It’s that time again! We’re checking in with the leading ladies of IG to see where their passions take them. In this installment, we’re celebrating visual storytellers, business owners, and extreme sports aficionados as they light the way towards a healthy, active lifestyle.

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1. Magdalena Kernan | @magsymooo

Sick photography is kinda Magdalena’s thing. A recent Rutgers Law graduate, she’s a passionate visual storyteller that’s traveled to destinations including Hawaii, Cuba, and Greece. As you can see below, her work in Havana is sensational.


2. Lucy Jean | @lucyjean333

Lucy is the badass founder of GRLSWIRL (@grlswirl). The Venice, CA-based operation cultures a community of women all focused and passionate about bringing femininity to skate. Now with more than 90 members, GRLSWIRL has nabbed a sponsorship from Lucy’s personal dream company, @carverskate, and is busy inking clothing brand sponsorships, too. With everything popping off right now, Lucy’s staying mad busy—but don’t worry, she still makes time to enjoy a good dad joke every now and again.


3. Kate Mae | @katenoeight

Looking for athlete-inspired jewelry that’s coastal chic? Kate here has you covered—she’s the owner and operator of @maecargo (yes, every woman on this list is absolutely doing big things). Oh, and shout out to you, Kate, for making our Rose Theater sunnies look so damn good!


4. Robin Van der Valk | @robinannefre

Robin’s love of sports knows no bounds. And she doesn’t just appreciate it from afar—nah, she’s out there as a passionate participant, carving up waves and shredding slopes. Her pursuit of enthralling surfing, snowboarding, and kiteboarding experiences have led her to Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and beyond!


5. Heather Goodman | @hbgoodie

A resident of Oahu, Heather nonetheless doesn’t mind frequently leaving her wickedly gorgeous environs in order to seize the day and travel. And although many corners of the world speak to her, it wasn’t until she experienced Cinque Terre in Italy that she realized there was a place where she could one day consider putting roots down. In the interim, though, Heather stays busy with her online shop, which offers a photography course, custom image filters and presets, travel guides, and a travel & wellness blog. Be sure to check it out!

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