by Billy Kirk September 06, 2017

Cheaper fuel, more efficient planes. It’s now easier than ever to fly a really friggin long time all at once.

That’s super duper news for some of you intrepid world travelers, but less than enticing for those of you whom get car sick sitting in rush hour traffic. And even if you’re not prone to illness, the longer you’re on any flight, the greater chance there is for those muthafu***ing snakes to pop up and wreak havoc, right?

Yeah, there’s a lot that can go wrong. That doesn’t deter airlines, however; just take United, which recently announced an approximately 18-hour, 8,700-mile nonstop flight from LA to Singapore due this October.

That got us thinking (which we try not to do when possible)—what are some of the longest nonstop flights you can take today?

Below, our crack(headed) team of researchers have compiled a list of 5 of the Longest Nonstop Flights in the World, sorted by duration. Note that flight times can vary based on weather conditions, yada yada. 


5. Dubai, UAB to Auckland, New Zealand | 16 hours, five minutes


Hop on a magical Airbus for your chance to experience the majesty of the bustling urban center that is Auckland. After your flight, you can even venture out into the mountainous Fiordland, as if you were a wannabe hobbit trying to experience a real-life tour of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The only problem? The trip is 8,824 miles. Yowza.


4. Doha, Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand | 16 hours, 10 minutes

It only gets worse from here, baby. If you’re down for an excruciatingly long, “oh-f***-my-existence” type of plane ride, Qatar Airways has you covered. This trip on a Boeing 777 from Doha to Auckland spans a whopping 9,032 miles.


3. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Los Angeles, California | 16 hours, 40 minutes

Flight number “Saudia 41” will have you muttering “this is fine” over and over to yourself maniacally, as you helplessly sink further into your seat across this 8,332-mile trip.


2. Abu Dhabi, UAB to Los Angeles, California | 16 hours, 45 minutes 

If you’re the kind of weird masochist that lusts after a nearly 17-hour plane ride, you can hop aboard Etihad’s Boeing 777 for a lil jaunt to L.A. That script you’re pitching to the execs at Paramount better be worth all this trouble, bro.


1. Los Angeles, California to Singapore | 17 hours, 55 minutes

If you’re not one for flying, consider this your ticket straight to the Ninth Circle of Hell. While this isn’t as long distance-wise as the Doha to Auckland trip—it’s “only” 8,700 miles—you’ll effectively be rotting in your United Airlines Boeing 787 seat for 18 hours straight. Shit. (San Francisco to Singapore is also nearly as bad at 17 hours, 15 minutes.)

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk