by Billy Kirk December 11, 2017

Need a gift idea this holiday season? You could do worse than the ideas below

Actually, that’s probably a lie. Each of the below are likely to be among the funniest—and in some cases, worst—gift ideas you’re going to find. Every one is either currently available for purchase or was a real gift someone put together for a loved one. Well, “loved one,” in this case.

Let’s dive right into this holiday hilarity.


1. Netflix and Chill Candle | $16.99


Know someone struggling in the realm of romance? Netflix itself not enough to set the mood and their generously applied Axe body spray isn’t doing the trick? Gift them this $17 aromatic candle. And yes, this is real, and you can order it here. 

We’re not quite sure what this smells like, but we’ll leave you with the official description:

“Turn off the lights and light up NETFLIX & CHILL as the soft aroma crafts that desperate atmosphere that can only come with a $7.99 internet subscription. Let’s hope your date lasts longer than the loading screen.”


2. Justin Bieber CD Clock | $11.95

’Tis the season to declare your undying love for the Biebs. And what better way to do that than with a CD clock comprised of brass hands and a printed teenage photo of Justin that acts as the dial face?


Yes, again, this is real life, we assure you. This “quartz accurate” CD clock ships with a clear plastic easel display piece and is the perfect gift for any Belieber. Actually, scratch that—it’s the perfect prank gift for anyone you know that despises the Biebs. Order away! 


3. Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter | $168.00


Hoverboards of questionable quality have already made a name for themselves after exploding into flames, but why not revisit last year’s big trend with an electric scooter that obnoxiously features a speaker system?

That’s right. If there’s a special d-bag in your life, you can really up their douchiness by gifting them this. Imagine your friend or family member awkwardly scooting into a party on this thing while blasting a choice Nickelback song from the Bluetooth speakers. As a bonus, keep in mind this contraption is also clad in gaudy chrome and features flashing LED lights on the front, top, and around the wheels. Perfect. Order now! 


4. Meme Box | A couple hours of your time

Source: Bored Panda 

If you know your memes and have some time on your hands, you can easily recreate this “gift” to infuriate anyone in your life you feel deserves it. Scroll down through the image to see the progression of this epic troll job.


5. Lingerie Gift Card From Grandma… Delivered by Little Brother | Priceless?


Source: Reddit 

This one isn’t so much the gift itself s it is the context. The above, taken from a Reddit thread on most embarrassing Christmas gifts ever received, is comedic gold.


6. Snakes on a Plane Starter Pack | ‘Bout 8 Bucks


Source: Reddit

What do you get someone that has no affinity whatsoever for the Snakes on a Plane movie? Why, back-to-back years of Snakes on a Plane holiday gifts, of course, including the soundtrack. Bonus points if the soundtrack doesn’t even play.

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk