7 of the Most Expensive AF Meals in the World

7 of the Most Expensive AF Meals in the World

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Sometimes we bring you dope ass food that’s totally in your wheelhouse—like the amazeballs Coachella grub that was available this festival season. Still, there’s nothing quite like salivating over what you know you can’t have and/or marveling over how much other people are willing to spend on a single meal.

Enter: 7 of the Most Expensive AF Meals in the World.

For this feature, we decided to go with singular meals as opposed to tasting menus, as we figured the latter was sort of cheating. (Although just know that tasting menus can involve as many as 25—or more!—professionals and range in the thousands of dollars per person.) Plus, no desserts—we’re focusing on meals/primary dishes this time around.

Buckle up and get your already maxed-out credit cards ready!



1. The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata ($650) | Norma’s Restaurant, New York


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Fortunately, the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata won’t actually cost you a zillion bucks, but it will cost you six-hundred-and-friggin-fifty, which may as well be a zillion bucks for a single meal. This sucker is the most expensive omelette available on this globe, comprised of eggs, lobster, and American Sturgeon caviar. Quite the way to start the day!

2. Westin Hotel Bagel ($1,000) | Westin Hotel, New York

Image credit: Westin Hotel Group



Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, and maybe the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata wasn’t quite enough to sate you. No worries! There’s the Westin Hotel Bagel for an additional $1,000! Yes, a grand for a stinkin’ bagel. However, this one was crafted for the purpose of donating funds to the Les Amis d’Escoffier Scholarship, and is decorated with gold leaf, goji berry Riesling jelly, and white truffle cream cheese. Since white truffles are one of the world’s most expensive foods, you’re also looking at the most expensive bagel on planet Earth.

3. White Truffle Gold Pizza ($2,420) | Margo’s, Valetta, Malta

Image credit: The Daily Meal 

"This is not just a pizza, this is a sign from God telling us how great She is."

That’s what the menu description for this decadent pie reads as at Margo’s in Malta. The nearly $2,500 gourmet pizza offers a thin-crust with organic water buffalo mozzarella, 24-carat gold leaf (totally edible), and white truffles that are aired in the same day via the Italian village of Piemonte.

4. Samundari Khazana Curry ($3,200) | Bombay Brasserie, London

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The Samundari Khazana sits at the top of the heap when it comes to special curries. It’s crafted from Beluga caviar, Devon crab, gold leaf, white truffle, quail eggs, four abalones, and a Scottish lobster that they decided to coat in gold… because why the hell not, we guess. Translated, its name essentially means “seafood treasure.” “Bane of your wallet” would have been a good name, too, though. As would, “F*** your rent this month, you street urchin.”

5. FleurBurger 5000 ($5,000) | Fleur, Las Vegas, Nevada

Image credit: Instagram’s @alrakiacom



At Mandalay Bay’s Fleur, Chef Hubert Keller is selling the FleurBurger 5000, which consists of Wagyu beef (a Benjamin per pound), foie gras ($45 per pound), brioche truffle buns, and a heap of fancy-pants sliced black truffles (a cool $1,500 per pound). Oh, and the upper-crust burger automatically comes with a sweet bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus—which itself carries a price of $2,500, bringing the total meal cost to 5 Gs. 

Chef Keller, you crazy bastard, you.


6. AnQi Pho Soup ($5,000) | House of An, California

Image credit: Pinterest



Now a permanent item on AnQi’s menu following a charity run (participating locations include Tiato in Santa Monica, Southcoast Plaza, and Crustacean in Beverly Hills), the most expensive pho on our lil blue orb is comprised of the highest-grade of Wagyu beef (A5), poach foie gras broth (fancy duck/goose liver), white alba truffles, personally-grown bean sprouts and thai basil from the Tiato garden (requires 7-day notice!), and blue lobster noodles. These noodles use a special molecular gastronomy technique, in case you turn your nose up at lobster noodles that don’t.


7. Fence Gate Inn Meat Pie ($14,266) | Lancashire, UK

Image Credit: Matt Barnes/The Chicago Tribune


Want a meat pie for the cost of a small American sedan? “Say no more, fam!” quips the UK’s Fence Gate Inn.

The establishment offers customers a $14,000+ pie (approx. $1,781 per slice) comprised of Japanese Wagyu beef fillets from massaged cattle ($870), French Bluefoot mushrooms ($348 per roughly 2 lbs.), Chinese matsutake mushrooms ($870 per 2 lbs.), Winter Black truffles, gold leaf ($174 per sheet) and a gravy that’s been whipped up via dual bottles of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild ($1,740 each).

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