7 Snow Bunnies You Need to Be Following on Instagram

7 Snow Bunnies You Need to Be Following on Instagram

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We’ve featured our lists of some of the top photographers, musicians, and sports icons to follow on IG, and in honor of the season and the opening of the slopes across the U S of A, it’s beyond time we turned our attention there.

Below, you’ll find a collection of our fav “snow bunnies”—awesome women that love fresh powder as much (or more than) you, and shred it with wicked style and, in many cases, sensational skill.


1. Jessika Jenson | @jessikajenson

Anytime there’s a United States Olympian with a strong social presence, you just gotta give a follow. And that’s Jessika Jenson here—in fact, she placed second at the Mammoth Mountain U.S. Grand Prix of Snowboarding in 2016. Here she is gearing up to jet set to Quebec.


2. Lauren Parks | @gratefullylauren 

Always one of our favs here at Blenders, here’s Lauren repping the brand (our new Floral Sky snow goggles… Arctic Blue Lens w/ 100% UV Protection!)


3. Sydney Jo | @sydneyjoc

Sydney’s on point here. Purple hoodie, purple lenses… talk about some pop out there amid the stark white powder. If you’re digging the style, shop the look here ——> Frozen Hannah Snow Goggles 


4. Kari Bushey | @karibou.lou 

When she’s not repping MSU’s rowing squad, 18-year-old Kari is all about the surf and the slopes. Here, her baby blues are in one of her “natural habitats”—Rocky Mountain, Colorado. Give her a follow!


5. Hannah Teter | @hannahteter

Any time an Olympic gold medalist posts, we pay attention. And Hannah Teter, a three-time Olympian and seven-time X Games medalist, is an absolutely prolific IG poster. Here she is shooting the cover for @modernfitnessmag. Dope.


6. Silje Norendal | @siljenorendal

Sure, we focus a lot on America here, but there’s boarding talent across the globe. Perfect case in point: 24-year-old Norwegian pro snowboarder, Silje Norendal. An Olympian who won gold in women's slopestyle at the 2013 Winter X Games in Tignes, Silje doesn’t f*** around. Here she is prepping to go “wheels up” to Milan for the season’s first city Big Air event.


7. Linn Haug | @linnhaug

A snowboarder from Trondheim, Linn Haug repped Norway in the halfpipe at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Not every week’s about fierce competition, however—here she is with a little leisurely Sunday snowboarding.

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