A Guide To The Best Mountain-Biking Sunglasses

A Guide To The Best Mountain-Biking Sunglasses

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Far beyond just helping you look sharp on the trail, the best mountain-biking sunglasses protect your eyes from debris and UV rays. Look for features that enhance your rides—such as polarized lenses and anti-fog designs, according to BikePerfect, a biking blog designed to help you get more from your riding, whatever your level. A pivotal point to consider is that sunglasses don't just protect against the sun's harmful UV rays; they also guard your eyes from dust and trail remains such as rocks and sticks. Follow the guide below to help you choose the best sunglasses for biking on any trail.  

What To Look For In Men's Sunglasses When Mountain Biking

1. Coverage 

To protect your face from errant trail debris and stabby branches, the broader the lens, the better the coverage. If a lens is too big, however, your glasses will likely interfere with your helmet. Ideally, the best mountain-bike sunglasses wrap around your face for side protection; they also prevent wind and light from sneaking around the edges and making your eyes water.

2. Lens

    Leave your sunglasses with actual glass lenses at the trailhead. We love a good set of fashion-focused shades, but glass lenses can put your eyesight in danger. Look for sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses or similar impact-rated material that won't shatter into your eyes.

    Having the right color and tinted lens will also make a huge difference in noticing any roots in your path. When it comes to lens color, sunglasses with an amber or pinkish tint are best for eyeing the details along the trail. Or, opt for a photochromic lens— especially if your local trail network shifts from wide-open meadows to thick tree canopy cover. 

    Also, look for hydrophobic coating on the outside of the lens. When moisture and oil come into contact with your glasses—from a stream crossing or sunscreen-infused sweat dripping from your helmet—a coated lens will bead and run off instead of smearing and obstructing your vision. It's also worth looking for venting in the lenses to prevent them from fogging.

    3. Frames

      Frames will largely determine sunglasses' fit. Avoid metal-framed glasses, which are not designed to withstand any impact; moreover, in a crash, they'll create sharp edges around your eyes and face. Most mountain bike riding sunglasses are half-frame styles, meaning that the frame will connect to the lens on the top half and leave the bottom edge exposed. A new crop of riding sunglasses features the frame running along the bottom edge of the lens. Plenty of full-frame and frameless sunglasses styles are available as well. 

      4. Fit 

      A good pair of mountain bike sunglasses should only touch your nose and your head just behind the ears. Look for a rubber nose piece with a bit of adjustability built-in. At the same time, the ear stocks should have plenty of length without interfering with the retention system on your helmet. These three points will help your sunglasses remain securely on your face. Also, look for grippers on the ear stocks; they should provide enough tension to hold the glasses in place without causing a headache.


      Are Polarized Lenses Good For Mountain Biking? 

      When you’re riding, you don’t want anything to get in your way. If you have a glare in your eyes, you suffer from color distortion and your death perception is off. For safety reasons, investing in a pair of polarized lenses while riding is a must. Thanks to a filter, polarized lenses reduce glare—the bright, harsh horizontal light that bounces off water, snow and cars. 

      Cool & Effective Men's Sunglasses For Biking On Any Trial

      Do yourself a favor and bring a sick pair of sunglasses on your next biking adventure. Here, some cool picks from Blenders Eyewear: 

      Saturn Cloud
      Black Tundra
      Cool Ambition
      Fearless Anna
      Tide Storm 

      Want to keep shopping around? We don’t blame you! With so many mountain biking sunglasses options available, take your time and find the best pair for you. 

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