by Billy Kirk January 12, 2018

Sometimes, nothing makes you feel better than laughing at the expense of others.

Hey, we said it, and you know it’s true.

In the spirit of a little good-natured fun, we’ve assembled some of the dumbest—and, ultimately, funniest—tweets of the last few years below as part of our new “Fail Friday” feature, which you’ll see pop up from time to time. Looking at any of these will instantly make you feel better about whatever missteps you may have made thus far in 2018, we assure you.


1. “Barraco Barner”

2. Patience is a Virtue

3. Garbage Can Drive Thru

4. It’s Carpal Tunnel, FYI

5. Will Smith

And DJ Jazzy Jeff sorta looks like “Jazz.” Just another coincidence, though.

6. “Here, Take All My Money”

7. “Chicken Seizure Salad”

Actually, that sounds terrible.

8. Titanically Dumb

Honestly just hoping this was a joke. (P.S., the answer is “The Lusitania.”)

9. Not Even Kidding (Sadly)

10. Cinnabon, Eat Your Heart Out

11. Ebowler

12. Cornbread

OK, yes, they were intentionally trying to be dumb here. But we enjoy a stupid joke as much as anyone else, so here’s a good place to wrap up for now.

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk