See It: Austin Keen x Blenders Boat Day

See It: Austin Keen x Blenders Boat Day

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There’s nothing like a good day spent with great friends. Throw in a boat, a dazzling sun, and a sh!t-ton of Blenders steez, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a time.

Earlier this month, we got a shout from Blenders Entourage member and 2x world champion skimboarder and pro wakesurfer, Austin Keen. Now, if you’re not familiar, what you gotta understand is Austin’s all about living in forward motion. As a teenager in 2007, he unceremoniously packed up his vintage 1975 BMW, drove cross-country, and took up residence in Laguna Beach—all because of his calling to seek stellar surf the world over. Since then, he’s traveled the globe, scoring a World Champion of Skimboarding title in 2013 as part of an eight-stop international United Skim Tour Circuit.

In other words, Austin is a guy who embraces the full potential of each day to feed his passions. And so when “the most creative man on the water” extended his invite for a day on his boat in the Carlsbad Lagoon just outside of San Diego, we knew there wasn’t any place we’d rather be.

Blenders ‘Big Fish,' Chase, and several of our talented Cass Street squad had the pleasure of an awesome day wakeboarding with one of the best in the world. Austin, thanks for making it all happen, and don’t hesitate to hit us up again soon. (Any day, really. Absolutely any time you like. Just give us a solid heads up so we can clear our schedules.)


Actually, now that we think about it, at any moment’s notice is fine, too. Whatever. Boat > Office, every time. We’ll make it work, dude. //

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