May 07, 2018

For many of you, finals have blessedly wrapped up. However, we know there are a few of you still dealing with the sleep-deprived agony of this time of year.

You probably feel like a maniac that teeters between laughing and weeping every five to ten minutes. With that in mind, let’s ensure your next five minutes is a lot more of the former (and not the latter!) thanks to these 16 Laugh Out Loud Finals Tweets. After all, shared misery can be an oddly beautiful thing.

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1. Everything Was Fine


Narrator: Everything was not fine.


2. Divine (and Motherly) Intervention


"Please, tiny baby Jesus. This is for my daughter’s sake.”


3. Kesha



4. Nice For What


That song resonates so much more now.


5. Spoiler Alert



6. Always Plan Ahead When Possible


A mental breakdown schedule is just as important as a sleep schedule.


7. Take Those Ls


Sometimes resigning yourself to the inevitable is worth it.


8. Finals Diet


But really, Cheez-Its are amazing.


9. Worth a Shot



10. A Good Use of Time


Like… anything else, at all?


11. Weezy


Sometimes Lil Wayne’s lyrics just don’t translate.


12. Dirt Nap


Hey, ya gotta get your sleep in somehow.


13. Finals Humor Brought to You By "The Office"


Alkek is the library at Texas State, FYI.

14. Deadlines Are Social Constructs



15. Rejoicing... Not


"Oh, I feel  so happy for you all!" 


16. And When You Just Say F*** It


Nah, I’m good.