Summer Blend, August 2017

Summer Blend, August 2017

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It’s that time again! With all of you out there doing the most day-to-day and looking damn fine while you’re at it (the sweet sunwear certainly helps with that), we’ve stayed busy doing our best to document it all.

Real photos of real people doing really cool stuff—it’s our August edition of Summer Blend!

Wait, wait, wait… hold up a sec. Before we kick off, you gotta know:

There are a bunch of free shades on the line! Our Summer Photo Contest gives you the chance to win a year’s supply of free Blenders!! All you gotta do is show the world your Blenders style and rock the #BLENDERSEYEWEAR & #SUMMERBLEND17 hashtags. Click here now for the full deets.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.


1. Instagram: @broomall609 | Avalon, New Jersey

Water sports in August? The perfect match.

Shades: Black Ice


2. Instagram: @andrephillip | On an island somewhere

Surfing, diving, kiteboarding… not much is too extreme for Andre. But sometimes, you just have to kick it with your favorite pair of sunglasses and soak in the island splendor.

Shades: Tipsy Goat


3. Instagram: @shannonator1 | Antigua and Barbuda

A custom swimsuit/wedding attire and the ideal wedding venue—Shannon was on Cloud 9 on her big day and def had that “Just Married” glow.

Shades: Kate Forest


4. Instagram: @stephenplopper | Spokane, Washington

Ain’t nothing like hanging with your best friend in the late summer sun. ‘Nuff said.

Shades: Midnight Miley


5. Instagram: @ladyscorpio101 | Malibu, California

New bikini, hot shades, cool hair. That’s a fast track to a dang good day.

Shades: Blue Angel


6. Instagram: @sydneyjoc | San Diego, CA

A helicopter ride over San Diego? Just your typical afternoon excursion for Sydney. (Cars are so passé.)

Shades: Deep Space Polarized M Class


7. Instagram: @bgoodsy | San Diego, CA

“Suns Out 👅 Tongues Out!” Really though, we’re not sure our Rose Theater sunglasses have ever looked as good as they do on Kylee here. “WeRateDogs” would easily give this 12/10.

Shades: Rose Theater


8. Instagram: @pauliwolfe | Austin, Texas

A sun-soaked day of summer pooling is hard to beat… especially when you get to share it with your favorite guy, like Pauli did here.

Shades: Carbon Sky

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