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by Billy Kirk July 07, 2017

As you likely know by now, our Summer Blend series is all about you.* (*OK, it’s also about our sunglasses, too.) We love seeing our patrons rocking our gear as they head to exotic, distant locales or simply go about their lives.

For this month, we’re kicking off with a special 4th of July Edition. All these photos were snapped over this past Independence Day weekend and all were within the United States. America, f*** yeah.


1. Instagram: @insta_bridges | Yosemite National Park, California


Brittany has a self-professed deep love of nature. Pictured here with bestie @sammi_saint (rocking one of our Blue Angel shades), she is tackling the gorgeous Mist Trail at Vernal Falls within Yosemite National Park. Mountains, trees, rushing water, a double rainbow effect… this photo has nature in absolutely all its glory.

Shades: Blue Angel 

2. Instagram: @reydogiscray

Rey the Anatolian Shepherd caught some serious rays on his back deck on the Fourth. This photogenic pupper—adopted from @humanesociety_swwa— looked super dapper in our limited-edition Mericas.

Shades: Merica (Sold Out)

3. Instagram: @tarnag56 | Mammoth Mountain Ski Area


Taryn took the weekend to hit the slopes. Photographed here on Day 2 of her Summer Shred, she snapped this selfie on Mammoth Mountain in Mill City, California.

Shades: Night Parade

4. Instagram: @ashley_txflgaaz

Patriotism reaches a near all-time high with these three. Ashley with friends Darby and Kelsie wore the stars and bars proudly this past weekend. Good friends and a good time—no summertime blues here.

Shades: Champagne Ruby

5. Instagram: @lillycz22


The American flag makes the perfect Independence Day photo backdrop. Well done, Gina!

Shades: Fifth Avenue Flash

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk