Summer Blend, July 2019

Summer Blend, July 2019

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You’re out there being your own inspo and we love it. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ve been getting into the past few weeks…


1. @tannakristine

Professional beach volleyball athlete, Tanna Aljoe, rocking the perfect complement to an active lifestyle—the wickedly durable ‘Iron Bound’ sunnies, part of our ‘Canyon Collection.’

Shades: Iron Bound

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2. @killawatt86 | White Cloud Mountains, Idaho

Kevin and his fav companion, Summit, hiked 7.5 miles and scaled both Patterson Peak (10,877 feet) and Blackmon Peak (10,300 feet). Two 10K mountains, one day. Damn, Kevin and Summit—well done.

Shades: North Point


3. @robert_lib

Founder of @VolunteerAid, Robert is out here crushing it in his adventure aesthetic—our ‘Scout Leader’ sunglasses.

Shades: Scout Leader


4. @chelseamealo | Atlantic City, New Jersey

Whether beachside or at Bonnaroo, photographer Chelsea proves here that the progressive design of the ‘Maika Collection’ makes for sunnies that stun in any scene.

Shades: Orchid Party


5. @tarynhatcher


NBC Sports Philadelphia reporter and host, Taryn Hatcher, catching some summer rays during her downtime. 

Shades: Nocturnal Q


6. @christiannblake | Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

Smiles for miles courtesy of Christian.

Shades: Moon Virginia

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