The Amazeballs Coachella Food You’ve Missed This Year (Part 1)

The Amazeballs Coachella Food You’ve Missed This Year (Part 1)

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We’re not sure if you’re aware, but the Coachella music festival is taking “food porn” to the next level.

Below, we’ve collected a smattering of our favorite Coachella creations that will have you salivating. These impossibly extra concoctions represent only a few of the first weekend delights. We’re gonna start “basic” and then ramp this ish to 11 in an awful hurry, so buckle yourselves in—it’s about to get wild. Oh, and take off your sunglasses for a sec… you’ll want to see each of these unfiltered.

1. Fresno Fig Burger


Instagram: lafoodieguy

Yes, somehow, this is beginning “basic.” This bomb-ass burger sports fig marmalade, red onion, spicy porter mustard, arugula, melted goat cheese, and bacon. Oh, and fries, because of course.

2. Miso Katsu

Instagram: foodnom

If just looking at the Fresno Fig Burger wasn’t enough to virtually impregnate you with a food baby, meet the Miso Katsu—a panko-crusted hot dog with mayo, scallions, tonkatsu sauce, and mustard miso cabbage slaw. Dope.

3. The Godzilla

Instagram: deepmunchcrew

From the folks that brought you the Miso Katsu (Sumo Dog) comes The Godzilla— a foot-long, all-beef dog doused in furikake, spicy mayo, kizami nori, cabbage slaw, teriyaki sauce, togarashi cheese sauce, and spicy pork chili. Coachella hot dogs on point.

4. Pulled Pork Flamin Hot Mac N' Cheese Tots

Instagram: dailyfoodfeed

Look, you can’t have The Godzilla terrorizing Coachella without a supremely wicked side to go with it, and these Pulled Pork Flamin Hot Mac N' Cheese Tots are the perfect tag-team partner. Also pictured: Bacon Jam Burger, Pork Belly Fries, Pulled Pork Nachos and Mac N' Cheese Bun Burger.



5. Cookie Monster Milky Bun With Oreos


Instagram: aftersicecream

Desert time! Nothing like the neon blue of the aptly-named Cookie Monster Milky Bun to chase your cheesy tots. Also pictured: Milk & Cereal with Fruity Pebbles and Frozen Hot Cocoa with Oreos in a waffle cone. Lawd Jesus.


BONUS - “Not So Mini” Gold Donut

Instagram: birdiesdtla


Because why not? A gold flake donut that Buzzfeed claims costs $35. Whoa. It was part of the Birdies DTLA “secret menu!”

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this feature, coming shortly!

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