by Billy Kirk September 18, 2017

Oh, Game of Thrones. How we adore thee and your deaths.

So, why not rank ‘em?

There's no perfect list for this sort of thing—everything is entirely subjective. But based on impact to the story, aesthetic appeal/style, and in some cases, just how dang deserved it was, we’ve crafted the below list of our favorite Game of Thrones deaths.

We’ve endeavored to provide a countdown from #10 to #1, but we know many of you won’t agree and have your own thoughts, so be sure to share them in the comments below!

Now, let’s have some fun, beginning with Part 1 of our feature.


10. Pyat Pree | Season 2, Episode 10, "Valar Morghulis"

OK, we’re starting off with a polarizing pick here, but stick with us.

For those who are like, “Who the f*** is Pyat Pree?”, you likely forgot about him out of necessity. Because he’s an even more oddly dressed Freddie Krueger-lookin’ freak that likely haunted your dreams.

Pyat was the unsettling Season 2 Qarth warlock that called the House of the Undying his home. Aside from the fact that this dude had to die for the collective sake of all our sanities and possessed zero redeeming qualities, remember also that he stole Dany’s dragons and tried to enslave her for all eternity. Thus, when he gets roasted, it’s not only delightfully fulfilling to watch, it’s also notably the first death by dragonfire in the series via Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.

9. Viserys Targaryen | Season 1, Episode 6, "A Golden Crown”

This douche had to die. Everyone was rooting for it to happen, and once he got his “golden crown” he wished for (molten gold poured on his noggin by Khal Drogo), it was, as Ice Cube would say, “a good day.”


8. Ramsay Bolton | Season 6, Episode 9, "Battle of the Bastards”

One we both loved and hated to see go. He was an ass of tremendous proportion—a murderous, torturous rapist and all-around terrible human being. He also made for the perfect villain. Regardless, it was wonderful to see Sansa get her revenge by unleashing his own starving dogs upon him. Turnabout is fair play, Ramsay!


7. Tywin Lannister | Season 4, Episode 10, "The Children"

Aside from acting as the wicked head of the Lannister house and orchestrating the Red Wedding as one of the show’s primary villains, Tywin emotionally abused his son, the diminutive Tyrion, for his entire life. It was thus incredibly satisfying to have him die at the hands of his progeny. And seriously, mad style points to Tyrion for shooting his pops with a crossbow as he took a poop.


6. Walder Frey |  Season 6, Episode 10, "The Winds of Winter”

Walder was a sneaky, sniveling little wretch, truly skilled in the art of betrayal. His death makes the list as a combination of how fulfilling it was to see him die, as well as the immense circumstances. Having Arya act as faceless assassin after baking his own kids into a meat pie is too perfect. Plus, the throat cut majestically mirrored what happened to Arya’s momma, Catelyn.

Relishing reliving all these glorious death scenes? Cool. Get ready to see more  GoT folks croak in Part 2 of this feature, coming later this week!

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk